Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Some of Our Christmas Treasures

This is the new wreath that
Sydne made for us this year.

Believe me when I say if you love Christmas, love decorating, and have 43 years of things you have inherited, received as gifts, found at favorite shops and destinations, you can accumulate a lot of treasures. Sometimes I get mad at myself because we have so much Christmas stuff it is crazy. (Esecially on the day Jim has to haul it all out of the attic and put it all back!)

But after putting this post together I feel better. So many of these things are threads in the tapestry of our lives and fact all of them are. I love them all and the people that they remind me of, or that have given us these gifts and cherished times. They bring back such fond memories of Christmases past and places we have been together.

So these are just some things we love, that have been on the journey with us over the years or in some cases, have just come home to roost this year. It turns out I am not as much of a hoarder of Christmas things as I thought. I'm just a sentimental, lover of Christmas, family, friends and traditions. It's such a reminder of a wonderful life of many rich blessings, too numerous to count. I just don't think I can downsize, what would I give away? I don't think I can part with these things just yet...nor do I want to.

A Woodland Santa from a favorite
shopping trip with our girls in Utah

A metal art piece I love to hang in our
laundry room
this time of year.
It had giant glass sparkles on it.

A metal angel that glistens in the
light of Christmas that Jen gave us.

Part of my pear collection that
I think looks Christmasy.

A lava light of glitter and candle to
lighten the antique kitchen cupboard
Uncle Tom made for me many Christmases ago.

Part of the mantel display with special ornaments.

More of the mantel

A red wooden bowl of metal
ornaments and balls and special bells!

The bells are from my father's sleigh
that he enjoyed at Christmas time

as a child, riding in a one horse open sleigh
with his family, in the 1920s.

An ornament that reminds me so
much of Italy at Christmas time.

I love to put small trees in some of the rooms.
This one is on its last leg and like
the Leaning Tower of Pisa!
Getting a new one next year!

Beautiful Buon Natale Sign made for us by
our daughter, Laura. It awaited our arrival in
Italy last year in our beautiful comfy room.

A child's metal and wicker chair
with a cute Christmas pillow Jennifer made

and a bald Santa my mom gave me.

A beautiful, hand-painted,
German candle globe
given to me last year
by Laura's husband, our son, Robert.

He found it in a German
Christmas Market in Munich.

Just our little family room tree where
we spend so much of our days and nights.

The beautiful paper flower, in my favorite color
and bedazzled by glitter, that Julia,
our granddaughter made for me this year.

The Lobster ornament given to me
by Laura
as a remembrance of our trip
in New England this year.

The old jointed metal Santa
that has greeted
guests at our backdoor
for years and years.

My new woodland Santa arrangement
made by Sydne that sits in a half bucket
to fit nicely on the window sill in our kitchen.

A beautiful gift tag from my friend
Becky's shop on etsy.
I love its vintage, simple look so I
hung it up to display this year.

I just love this glass and metal centerpiece
I bought at a garage sale years ago.
I call it my museum piece I have
been meaning to fill it with
but haven't done it yet.

(Realistic translation of that is..I probably won't!)

Those metal cherubs make it a museum piece, right?
Thanks to my sister-in-law, Gail, for that family discount!

My cute snowman and ice skater made
my good friend, Lanette, years ago.

A pumpkin colored glittered Santa
that I love in our Tuscan Kitchen

The window sill pretties in my office area

My beloved carolers from my mom

More carolers. Mom use to give me one or two a year.

Our funky Christmas wreath with the lime green
bows, babbles and berries.

The sign Jim made for me with the red lettering,
lovely message and glimmering, glittery finish.

A music box and another gift
from my mom years ago.

Metal Merry Christmas sign, purchased on one of Jim's Birthday
get-aways, on a Thanksgiving Weekend years in the Sierras.

Gold and white tiny nativity given to me
by my friend, Lee, many years ago.

Luscious large ornaments on a lacy plate
given to me by my co-worker and friend,
Barb at a work Christmas party back in the 90s.

Baby christening dress that hangs in our room with the
Crystal Christmas pin Jim once gave me long ago.

My shopping snow girl with her
metal package tree and gifts.

They sit atop our china cabinet this year.

Another beautiful floral by Sydne.
I have attached a beautiful sparkly red
cardinal given to us by The Shanahans one year.

A skinny, tall Santa that I think has a cute hat!
And beautiful glass trees.

One of the nativity sets we rotate in each year.

Our lawn jockey usually sports some kind
of Christmas decoration. This year it
is a big bunch of pretty bells that
belonged to our neighbor of 30
years that died awhile back.

Our butler's pantry holds
our Christmas dishes, the first fun purchase I
made after going to work when Laura started school.
They have entertained many a loved one over the years.

A metal, glimmery sign on our front porch
to wish you well on this happy Christmas of 2010.

P.S. Self discovery note: I knew I would say glittery a lot in this post but I am shocked by how many times I said metal! There is that thread of things we love in decorating, that I often tell clients about and I wasn't even aware I had this thread in my Christmas collection! Metallic, who knew??


LA Adams said...

Nice, really nice!!!!

laura.elizabeth said...

I love it Mom! Everything looks great. I am going to have to bite the bullet some time soon and start collecting some good holiday decor. I have to say I LOVE all of Sydney's arrangements. I wish she lived closer to me.

Dorothy said...

I always enjoy your home "tours"--inside or out!

Julie Harward said...

What an awesome tour! I loved it all, how neat to have the bells and I loved the is all wonderful. I know what you mean about having so much over the many years, I gave half of mine away to daughters this year! Have a good week :D

Marie said...

You have some beautiful decorations there Bonnie. I love them all. I have a few that I have collected in the ten years Todd and I have been together. I love to get them out each year and remember special times. XXOO

Deanna said...

I love your decorations and the stories that go along with each piece. You know I've always loved those pears! I was so pleased to see those sweet carolers!

How is Miss Hazie doing? We have her on our prayer list and Marshall and I give our last thoughts of the day to her. Sure do wish I could give her a little hug!

Happy Holidays my friend,
Deanna :D