Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thoughts on: Gentlemen's Day Out

Our men decided to do their annual
snowshoeing again this year.
They always do enjoy this and

that makes us happy too.

The other thing that makes us happy is
we get to stay home by the fire
and look out the panoramic windows
pretending we are inside a snow globe.
Love the Santa sock hat Jimbob!

Absolutely no idea what they are doing here!
Packing it all down for the camp, Lowell says.

After setting up camp...
Time to start the lunch prep!
Lowell carries the water!

Putting it in the pot!
It is going to be a colder day in
'you know where'
that I'd haul my pots and pans
with me in a pack on my back!

{I like to get away from them when I go out!}

Or start a fire with no matches
like Chris did just for fun!

Top Raman, anyone?

The aroma is delightful to
the tired cross-country hikers!

Yummy! Lowell spiced it up and added good ingredients.

Now for a cozy, warm nap in the snow!

Heading home after a seven hour hike in the snow!

How does anyone do this? I am baffled! I struggle getting from the car to a building in this stuff. I made a complete spectacle of myself last night but that is too embarrassing to recount. It is not a user friendly substance for me, even though I do find it incredibly beautiful. Especially when the sun shines on it and it is all sparkly.

This is when I am so grateful for our sons so they and Jim have a chance to have this kind of fun together~alone. This is when I imagine the tune to "I Enjoy Being a Girl" and lip-sync the words! This is when I thank God for these men and that they are put on this earth to be strong and to provide for their families and to protect us from the elements. {{I am glad they practice once a year, just in case.}}

This is when I know that God's plan for men and women to marry and be one is so great. This is when I know that as we each do our part, we become one and whole. And lastly this is when I know I can enjoy their fun in photos as much as they enjoy being in them. I love these big, burly, Raman eating men very much! They make me feel safe and I am thankful for them and I do not take them for granted.

Not after suddenly losing one of our dear, dear friends just yesterday, who left behind a wonderful and beautiful wife and outstanding children, at age 51. It has rocked our world and taught us valuable lessons about loving each precious day we all have together. And we thank God we know what is next and His plan for us and our families. And we pray we can find some way to help when we get home.


Mandy said...

My dad once made me start a fire without matches. It was not fun.

I'm so sorry for your loss, Aunt B. I haven't stopped thinking about him since my mom told me. It has rocked my world a bit and brings back memories from 5 years ago. I often think about something you told me back then - death of a friend or loved one really does teach about life.

Marie said...

Bonnie, I'm with you. I'd rather be warm in a house pretending I was in a snowglobe too. Looks like they enjoyed themselves though, which is good. I try to cherish each day of my life as you know. Each day is a gift and I strive to treat it as such. Sorry about your friend. We never know when our sojurn here on earth will end, makes me all the more determined to count my blessings while I can! Love you loads. xxoo

LA Adams said...

How Fun!!!! Though I'm with you in looking at pictures makes it great. How did they get the water to boil so nicely up high? True scouts!

I was shocked and stunned on Thursday morning - you are soooo right, each day is a gift from God and should be teated as such. I'm planning my year with the maximum effort to be of service and accomplish something of value. I'm the same age - it's truly humbling.

margaret said...

What can you say?