Saturday, December 25, 2010

ChrisMissy Christmas Morning

We got to bed quite late last night after a wonderful afternoon and evening with Jen and Lowell and the girls coming over to Chris and Missy's. Missy prepared an amazing feast as she always does. The morning came pretty early with wide-eyed and very excited little ones. Here are some candid shots of the presents!

Zach with his already assembled Lego boat!

Putting the Barbie House together.

Owie eating Gummy Food French fries.

Connor got a DSI! No clue what that is but he was happy!

Connor breaking in the DSI

Lots of pretty paper flying!

Aynslee with her new jewelry chest and some new earrings.

Santa brought Chris and Missy some new cookware!

Owen has a lesson in DSI procedures.

Aynslee with her fashion design sketch portfolio.

Zachy gets a new Leapster cartridge!

The gifts for the kids were varied and fun. They received some movies, a Wii game, board games, Legos~always Legos, Ayns got some Barbie stuff and a jewelry box and crafty art supplies and Owen got a stuffed snake, among other things! Everyone was overwhelmed with tiny pieces from various things and very happy. They spent over an hour just playing with things from their stockings.

We ate Einstein Bagels and various flavored cream cheeses and drank hot chocolate and wassail and it was very fun! When the sun came up we saw snow on the ground and it was time for a nap! We talked to all the other kids and everyone had a similar experience around their Christmas trees this morning.

Last night all the cousins produced a video on their own of the birth of Jesus and presented it to the parents and and grandparents. How's that for the technology age? Holy Cow! I am going to try to Youtube it! It is totally a keeper!


Marie said...

Sounds like a wonderful Christmas Bonnie! I sure miss having kiddies around. They really make the day special! xxoo