Sunday, December 19, 2010

Not Baby Nicky!

Surprise~in more ways than one!

How can it be that our nephew, Nicholas is turning 30? It seems like only yesterday he was a tiny boy. He has grown up to be the most delightful young man and we love him dearly. His adorable girlfriend, Mara, threw him a big surprise party yesterday afternoon at the Golf Course Restaurant where he was supposed to be playing golf with his Dad and Uncle Dale. But we were all waiting for him and he was surprised for sure!

Here is Jim and Nick's Grandmother chatting as we waited for the birthday boy to arrive. Poor Ruth just broke her ankle on Monday. She is a sweetheart! She says Steve is her son, he is so good to her. I love hearing that. I don't believe in the "in-law" designations. They are just not conducive to "real family" relationships to me.

This is Nick's beautiful Mara
and his little Nephew, Sebastian.

They had various pictures of Nick
as a little boy on all the tables.

The tables were beautifully set.
I loved the runners, just a sheer red
fabric bow tied in the middle.
Very pretty effect.

This is Nick's Cousin from Emily's side,
Katie and Nick's niece, Samantha.

Finally Steve and Nick arrived!
He was in shock I think for a few
just trying to process it all!

This could be my favorite photo of my brother,
Steve with his granddaughter, Samantha.

Steve's Family~Alesha, Nick, Mara, Steve, Emily
Sebastian, Raul, Samantha, Ruth

Nick, Mara and Sebastian, Alesha and Raul's little boy.

Nick's Uncle Dale and Aunt Patty (Emily's sister)

Megan, Nick, Me, Jim
Dale, Katie, Patty

3 Generations
Nick, Steve, Sammie

~Katie, Nick, Alesha, Megan~
Nick and Alesha flanked by their cousins!

Sammie (Samantha), just turned one!

Nick don't even think about being "old" until you go to her 30th surprise birthday party. And then only entertain the thought for a minute. When she is 50 you will probably be old!


Deanna said...

What a wonderful family gathering. I'm home sick from fever today so this cheered me right up! I would have loved some of that!

Deanna :D

margaret said...

Bonnie, you have NO business being related to all the prettiest kids in the world. Sammie is a charm.