Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Simple Woman's Daybook~December 28, 2010

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So, For Today...

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Outside my window...it is sunny, with melting snow on the ground and it is 30 degrees out but it doesn't feel that cold. I am feeling that afternoon draggy time coming on but thought I'd see how far I can get on this before crashing for a little nap.

I am thinking...it was a fun morning of after Christmas shopping with Missy Jen, and Traci at TaiPan Trading Company. Then I took the girls to lunch at the Blue Lemon, in Lehi. We got some fun things while shopping for a song and laughed our heads off at lunch time.

I am thankful for...This wonderful white Christmas we have had and looking forward to a couple of days in Park City before we head home next week.

From the learning room...All the hubbub of Christmas seems to just melt away at the strike of midnight on Christmas Eve. I felt the stress melt away like a snowman in the sun. Spent Christmas Day in PJs and semi-catatonic with relaxation. It was great.

I am reading...Christmas in Europe but Rick Steves. Loving it.

I am wondering...if the low grade fever Hazel has had the last couple of days will just go away or if they are in for another go around?

I am hearing...Jim and Christopher talking in the dining room and Owie playing with his toys.
And here comes Zachary into the dining room to join his little brother. Piper is over this afternoon hanging out with Connor. I cannot hear them because they are sitting next to each other texting on their new DSIs. Still don't really know what they are but will find out before I leave here. I do know they are hand-held electronic devices with cameras.

Today if I could change one thing...it would be moving Nevada down so that CA and UT were bordering states.

I am quoting..."The world is a looking glass and gives back t0 each person a reflection of his attitude." Anon

I am going...to have to mail a box home because I bought some great glassware at TaiPan this morning. I love mercury glass and it's so inexpensive here, so I got a few pieces. And the lime green and copper colored mercury glass is too die for! But the silver is so classic and vintage. Choices, choices.

I am missing..Laura and Robert's family. They are celebrating their anniversary today with the break in the snow storms back east. At least that was the plan a few day ago.

One of my guilty pleasures...sleeping later than usual when we are on vacation and visiting the kids. Usually when we are on vacation there is a big agenda but not when we come here. We do a lot of chilling and hanging out and I love it.

Pet Peeves...people that leave receipts, lists, and wrappers in grocery carts. Seriously...what is up with that?

One of my favorite things...having good places to shop in Utah. Our area is deprived by comparison.

An enjoyable movie I have watched lately...Last night we all went to see Tangled except for Lowell and Hazie. It was a lot of fun and although I am not a big fan of animated movies it was very enjoyable. We also saw Inception, curious and too deep for me!

I am curious about...what the future holds for us with regards to moving closer to these kids. $5.00 first run movies is a plus!

A few plans for the rest of the week...nap very soon, art museum to see the traveling Carl Bloch (Danish artist from the 1800s and world renounced religious painter) art exhibit at BYU and then on to a dinner out with just Chris' family. Tomorrow girl's night out with Jen and Melissa. Maybe visiting my friend, Val, if she is up to it. She is quite elderly and often forgets who I am even though we have been friends for twenty years. How sad is that? But I love her dearly and just want to stop over and give her a hug. Her dementia started almost immediately after her husband died a few years ago. Friday we are going to Park City for two nights with Jen and family for a New Year's celebration. And then on the 3rd we fly home. Those are the plans anyway, unless Hazie gets sick again. If that happens, everything could change.

Here are a few photos I am sharing with you...from Salt Lake's Temple Square Christmas lights display. Absolutely Gorgeous!

I loved this tree!
So perfect in shape and light
with a magnificent background.


Marie said...

Sounds like you are having a lovely time Bonnie. It is my dream to one day see the lights at Temple Square at Christmas time. I do hope that Hazie will be ok. Keep us posted! Love you loads! xxoo

LA Adams said...

Fabulous pictures! Utah and California bordering is my favorite! Let's arrange it. Your life sound good!