Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas With Love

If you missed our invitation to view our Christmas Blog you can find it here:


Julie Harward said...

I love that, I don't know when this was put together like this but I have been using my Amy Grant CD and Like II together like this for about 15 years it! Merry Christmas Bonnie..have a great one :D

Marie said...

Have a wonderful Christmas Bonnie and Jim! This is my favourite Christmas song and I love your Christmas blog. You are a dear friend, have a blessed and Happy Christmas filled to overflowing with Joy! xxoo

Kelly Ann said...

Christmas Blessings to you and your family..

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Morning Bonnie,
It was so great to hear from you,
Figured you were probably already in Utah. Was concerned about you since they were having all that rain and mudslides in Ca. - was hoping it was no where near you.

Jim want actually be going to Ca. -
they work everything out via phone and email. It is just a temporary consult job that would pay bills for a few months. But hey, any port in a storm.
If he gets the job and it all goes well, it will probably mean ongoing work with them from time to time, cause the fellow already said he had another project after this one. The other guy is going to be
doing part of the work too, so please pray they can work well together, and mostly that he gets the job!! It is looking good tho!!

Nice Chris will have some time off so yall can spend it with he and his family.

and How is Hazie coming along???
Sure hope she is doing much better by now. Know you were glad to get to spend time with her and Jen.
How is Jen and Lowell doing?? Worn out I expect.
Hope you all have a Delightfully Joyous Christmas!
Love ya,

Nellie's Cozy place said...

HI Again,
That video was beautiful set to breath of heaven. Love that song,
it is so sweet and precious.
Wasn't that movie just wonderful,
and to see it in theatres across the country - Priceless!!
They should show a replay every year at Christmas time.
Susan gave us a book about it a few years back for Christmas, and
I was just thinking I haven't looked at it yet this year. It is on our coffee table - I have been reading The purpose of Christmas,
which is also on my coffee table.
Bye Again,
Have fun............
Love ya, Nellie

Caroline Craven said...

Whoa, that left me practically speechless. I loved the expressions on the faces of everyone, but especially Mary, Joseph and the wiseman when he came out of his tent. The silent expressions spoke volumes.

LA Adams said...


Thanks so much!

I pray for Gods blessing on you and yours.