Thursday, February 10, 2011

And the Winner is......Drumroll!

Nellie has become a great friend as we have traded comments back and forth for a long time now. I am so happy for you, Nellie, the prize is really awesome! As soon as you have sent me your address and have received the package I will share with everyone else what you are getting. That way you can be surprised. I hope you love it, congrats!

Nellie has a great blog that focuses on a happy home life, a great marriage, and spiritual and physical health and creating a lovely environment and beautiful tablescapes for her dinner parties for her family and friends. Her son and daughter are both getting married soon so she also has some wedding buzz going on. Stop by, she is a sweetheart and presents a very uplifting blog for your reading pleasure.

Thanks to the rest of you for participating and for those of you who signed up as followers.

Love, B


Caroline Craven said...

Congrats to Nellie. I always read her comments on your blog (along with everyone else's. Does that make me a stalker, kinda feel like one). But I don't know which one is her official blog!!

Caroline Craven said...

Duh, I just found Nellie's blog. I knew it was in there somewhere!!!

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Oh Bonnie,
I was just going thru my dashboard blog roll and came upon your blog and was so surprised, and what a sweet surprise it was! I am crying over here!! lol Tears of Joy of course.
You are such a sweetheart!!
Thanks so much for all your really kind words about me and my blog, you have really surprised me so much!!
But I love it!!

Just to keep you posted....Jim had
his interview this morning and everything seems to have gone well,
we do know they have good bennies,
and that they pay more of them than
than his old Company, and that one of their paid holidays is you get your birthday off!! How great is that! They said they would give him a call sometime next week, so
we are still waiting but in the mean time I can be waiting and basking in the thrill of whatever I have won from you sweet friend,
Hope you have a wonderful Valentines day........
Love you so much, Nellie