Monday, February 7, 2011

A Simple Woman's Daybook~February 7, 2011

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So, For Today...

Monday, February 7, 2011

Outside my window...No sun yet, only 6:20 am. Jim left almost an hour ago for his favorite new thing to do each Monday, working with the operating engineers at the Temple. This is the first time in his life he has worn a suit to work; they change into their work clothes after they arrive. He really loves the contrast of going from working in a detention facility for young men for so many years, to working in such a peaceful and beautiful place. I love Mondays too, it gives me time to get organized for the week and do my own things. So outside my window awaits a great day of opportunity. Looking forward to it.

I am thankful for...a Father in Heaven that hears and answers our prayers. I love it when you pray for something and you get that immediate answer or blessing. That happened to me yesterday, my own little miracle.

From the learning room...I am learning to see all of our blessings with more observant eyes thanks to One Thousand Gifts, the book I am savoring right now. Taking time to notice all He has done for us personally and collectively is amazing. How can we ever doubt His love for us after such an exercise?

I am reading...One Thousand Gifts and The Glass Castle, still.

From the kitchen...Pretty much set for this week, just have to pick up a few things at the store later today. I need to get actively planning for our Valentine's Dinner next week.

I am wondering...and imagining how wonderful it will be to have Laura and Robert and Spencer and Ross come home for a visit in the summer. Robert will be deploying to the middle east in November for 14 months. ( I know, I cannot go there mentally or emotionally at this point!) It looks like Laura and the boys will be staying in Rhode Island, more about that when it is all finalized.

I am hearing..Pandora radio, my Diana Krall station. This is an enjoyable way to listen to music you choose yourself and it is free.

Today if I could change one thing...Peace in the middle east would be great about now!

I am quoting..."Do you know what the word FAMILY stands for? FAMILY = (F)ATHER (A)ND (M)OTHER (I) (L)OVE (Y)OU" I thought this was very cool so wanted to share!

I am going...ponder the fact that our three oldest grandchildren will be entering into the Young Men and Young Women's program in church in just a few months? Seriously? Time is flying by and leaving me behind I am afraid. They will all be 12 this year. And Chloe lost her top front tooth yesterday so now we only have two babies that have all their baby teeth. It is just plain going too fast.

I am missing...a couple of pounds thanks to working the plan! Woohoo, Weight Watchers!

One of my guilty pleasures..catnaps in the afternoon. I wait until the sun is coming in the big window and then I jump under my blankey! I feel like a cat lying in the sun. Sleep comes quickly. Rejuvenation, love it.

Pet Peeves...I really don't like the negative spin the media puts on everything. Such pot stirrers.

One of my favorite things..waking up in the morning to comments from our daughter, Laura on my blog. Thanks, Laura, this has been a really cheerful moment for me each day recently. And thank you to all the rest of you that stop by to chat!

An enjoyable movie I have watched lately...The King's Speech. Colin Firth is amazing in it. I heard the Queen even liked it! Since it was about her father that is a pretty good indication they did a good job of portraying him realistically.

I am curious many things. I appreciate this as it is keeps life pretty interesting and is motivation to keep learning.

A few plans for the rest of the week... today running errands, catching up after the weekend, paperwork, planning, etc. Tuesday work and classes on Family History and genealogy. Wednesday hair cut and pedi. Thursday day trip, home projects and date night. Saturday cooking.

Here are some photos and some thoughts I am sharing with you...

Yesterday we headed to the Napa Valley for the super bowl dinner at Gary and Marilyn's house. I just took a few photos of the dinner we watched her prepare. Jim and I are not into football but it is fun to watch him sitting and watching the game with my brothers. They have planned a hike to Point Reyes in a few weeks. Since he lost his brother many years ago I love that I have two to share with him.

Here is a vineyard looking rather dormant right now.

This was the temperature yesterday.
Seriously remarkable.
Sorry for the blur.
I just could not get a good shot from
from the passenger seat.


Marilyn made panini sandwiches with mortadella and fresh ricotta and a special sauce that were very good. They were accompanied by papaya and strawberries, and a great veggie salad. Dessert apple and pear cobbler and ice cream. She is a total gourmet and Emily and I loved watching her create this! Didn't see one second of the game but we had fun!

Hope you had a great weekend too!


Sister Susie said...

OUTSIDE...It is storming. We had 60mph winds north of where I live. It surely felt like that when I got home! I could hardly open the door of my truck!
THANKFUL...Amen! Christ sits at the right hand of the Father making intecession for us. (Thank you for your comment on my blog. I appreciate so much your sharing with me!)
LEARNING...Ditto! If I started listing everything the LORD has done to bless me over my years, I would really have nothing to "gripe" about because it would be faint to none!
READING...Your blog, lol. (You know now that I don't read too many novels.)
KITCHEN...I'm throwing out "old" stale crackers, outdated items in my fridge, and cleaning out my cupboards of containers that could probably be collectables, lol.
WONDERING...I'm praying Robert's deployment will be in an area of no interaction.
HEARING...about big cuts Florida's new governor is bringing to education! There goes my salary!
CHANGE...To take this "pressure cooker" of a world off the "stove" of sin!
QUOTING...WOW, I really like your FAMILY analogy! I'll have to share it with the teachers at school!
GOING...along with your thought; Time waits for no one. I think I told you already about one of my school's new teachers this year was one of my kindergardners! of my earrings I have had for a long time that matched so perfectly one of my shirts!
GUILTY PLEASURES...Sleeping in to 7:30 in the mornings. How shocked I was to found out Sunday morning it was 10:00! I have not slept that late in 35 years!!! I've never gotten dressed so quickly in my life! I did get to church on time!
PET PEEVE...To start watching less of the news.
FAVORITE...Hearing from my blogger friends!
MOVIE...I watched Forrest Gump (again when I saw it on one of the stations. It was that or bull riding!) see a camel go through the "eye of a needle (as the low gate is called in the middle east.)
WEEKS PLANS...Tues.-invited to a dinner, Wed.-2 hour autism workshop, Thurs.-stress test, Fri.- get my hair done. 2 for 2 isn't bad!
YOUR TEMP. PIC...Reminds me of today's storm. Our temp went from 89 to 58 in 1 hour!!! No wonder we had storms and tornado warnings!
Love to you and yours,

Caroline Craven said...

Oh no! I am sorry to hear of Robert's deployment. That will be a long 14 months for all of you and our prayers will be with you. The food looks so yummy and healthy. That veggie salad is to die for. If I made that I would have veggie salad to eat for days cuz my family just can't do that much health food. Still working on it though. And, congrats on missing those few pounds! Yippee for you!!!

laura.elizabeth said...

I love Aunt M's cooking too! She always makes such wholeshome great food. I wish I could have celebrated with you. To be honest, I didn't even know it was superbowl Sunday. Am I out of the loop or what?!

Thanks for your review of the movie. I will have to check out the King's Speach myself as I do like Collin Firth!