Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Yesterday Hazie got to go back to school for the first time after her battle with RSV. She goes to school in the afternoon. So Piper often brings her lunch over to the adjoining school to eat with her mom and little sister. So over she comes with her fish sticks from the cafeteria and they enter the elevator like they always do!

Without warning there was a malfunction and they were trapped inside the little tin box! For about an hour they waited for the rescue. Jen said it was worth it when she saw the six hot fire fighters that came to get them out! And the one school custodian came to0, but I don't think she was counting him among the hotties. (Who hires firemen anyway? Why are they always so darn cute?)

I love our daughter, she has such a tremendous sense of humor and can turn just about anything into an interesting experience with the way she looks at it. The elevator was tiny and crowded with the wheel chair and the three of them, but she managed to see the highlights. Her biggest fret was that the fish sticks really added to the hideous stench of the elevator, which is much more noticeable when spending an hour in close quarters.

When I asked her today if she still smelled like fish sticks she said...and I quote," No, the elevator is from 1959 though and already smelled like mold, urine and mothballs, so combined with the 4 stick-up air fresheners I put up in there, it was quite a concoction of smells." Don't you just love how mothers of small children carry everything they could possibly ever need in those big bags?

In the picture above Piper is covering her eyes to show her mom that she thinks taking a photo at a time like this is really uncool. My favorite part of the photo is the plasticware sitting on the carpet. Yikes!

I told her she was lucky I wasn't there as I have always had a fear of getting stuck in one. I guess she never saw the movie Speed! Anyway, I have to take my hat off to her once again for being so brave and not becoming easily unraveled, like her mother. Yesterday when we went to the Family History Center I have to admit I hesitated getting into that elevator! But I did take note it smelled just fine, and so reluctantly took my chances.

On a more serious note, I became mindful of how each and every morning we pray for the safety and well-being of our children and grandchildren and I am thankful for a Father in Heaven that hears every one of those heartfelt prayers for each of them.

Julia, Jen and Piper!

Never a dull moment in the life of Miss Jen
and her entourage of little girls, is all I can say!


girlsmama said...

Oh my! What an adventure! I noticed that the rescue personnel where from station #5. When we lived in Provo I used to take my preschool kids to that station as it was close by. They are a fine looking bunch of firemen. :)

Julie Harward said...

Poor girl..what an awful and smelly time...hummm, the fireman part might have made it all worth while! LOL Good news about Hazie! :D

Marie said...

As they say, all's well that end's well! One of my biggest fears is being stuck in an elevator. THankfully I only ever very rarely have to go in one! Your daughter sounds like a really amazing person, but then again, how could she not be with two amazing parents such as you and Jim! xxoo
PS Glad to hear that little Hazel is doing so much better!

Deanna said...

Oh my goodness! I am so thankful that they are just fine. Hooray for the girls being strong because I know I would have lost it being in small place.

I am so happy to hear that Miss Hazie is doing well. I think about her everyday. Tell Piper that I can barely recognize! Oh, and tell Jen that she has the most beautiful freckles!

Love you,

Caroline Craven said...

I have to agree with Jen on the fireman issue. My nephew is a fireman with the Idaho Falls FD and he is a cutie, muscular to boot. He also plays the bagpipes for the IF Fire Department's Pipes and Drums and he looks good (and manly) even in his kilt and boots and a feathered hat!!!

laura.elizabeth said...

Mama Mia! Jen is a trooper- that is for sure and SO funny. I love that picture of Jen and the girls- it is not one I have seen before.