Monday, February 14, 2011

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So, For Today...

Monday, February 7, 2011

Outside my window...if the sun were not behind some dense clouds it would be visible now. It is 7:05 and I am thinking about whether I should go back to bed for awhile or do this Daybook! I know I should not go back to bed but I think I want too! But there is a lot to do today so I probably won't. But the gray skies make it so inviting. We are having a week of rain it appears. We do need it so it will be good. Especially since we have been so spoiled with gorgeous weather for weeks now, it is a small sacrifice!

I am thankful for...the rain because it will make the green of the hills surrounding our town even greener and more beautiful.

From the learning room...Go with the flow, go with the flow, and don't think too much about Afghanistan and Robert heading there near the end of the year...have faith, lots of it.

I am reading...One Thousand Gifts and The Glass Castle, still.

From the kitchen...A lot is brewing today, having a little Valentine's dinner for our Family Home Evening group. Having three couples over so they don't have to stand in crowded, over priced restaurants to have a date with their sweetheart. We really enjoy this little group and having dinner once a month together now that we are empty nesters. We host three times year and I am glad we got Valentine's Day this time.

I am wondering...what is going on with Hazie again. Jen had her at the hospital last night for testing...another blasted fever. That child has been sick for every holiday since Halloween. Poor baby! Another ear infection rearing its ugly head according to tests last night and possibly some urinary tract problems too. To make matters worse, Connor has been diagnosed with Strep and Zach is just getting over it. That means nothing normal going on in either house this Valentine's Day. I am wondering if Hazie is better today?? And hoping Connor is OK and the rest of the kids don't get strep too.

Update: Hazie has RSV! It is a very serious viral infection (respiratory) that babies and young toddlers get. I am so worried about her, we all are. Please help us pray. You guys have helped so much every time. I w
ish I didn't have to keep asking and that she would just be well!

I am hearing..Earth Angel!

Today if I could change one thing...that kids would always be healthy.

I am quoting..."Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not unto thine own understanding." The scriptures.

I am WW this morning instead of this evening. Conveniently the WW meeting place is right next to the Post Office so I am going to mail Nellie's box this morning with her Give Away surprises in it. I am also mailing some things to Laura and Robert who get a lot of mail sent to our address. It is listed as their permanent address for most of their important correspondence, but they sure haven't been here in ages! Bummer.

I am missing..all the kids, especially the grandies today. Wish I could help Jen and Missy take care of the sick and well kids today.

One of my guilty pleasures..daydreaming about where we will go on our next vacation and knowing it will probably be Utah.

Pet Peeves...preparing for tax appointments. Have one on Wednesday. So happy I don't have a small business packet of paper this time. Woohoo!

One of my favorite refunds!

An enjoyable movie I have watched lately...North and South with Patrick Swayze. LOVE that mini-series.

I am curious about..whether some sound equipment we are selling on craigslist this week will fly outta here like most craigslist postings? I hope so it is taking up space I'd rather have back.

A few plans for the rest of the week...dinner tonight with friends, work at the Family History Center tomorrow afternoon and night, not sure about Wednesday except for a tax appointment in the morning, Thursday out and about with James, Friday date night, Saturday...not sure yet I have just been focusing on tonight basically, so far this week.

Here are some photos and some thoughts I am sharing with you...

It sure was fun to have our Family Home Evening Group over for dinner tonight. I loved taking my time and getting ready for it over several days. Entertaining is so much fun when you are not rushed. Love it. This photo is with a flash.

This one is no flash.
It was a little dreary out this afternoon so it
is kind of dark but makes it look more romantic!

It was a fun evening of pampering our friends.
We hope they enjoyed it.

I didn't really have the festive dishes for this so just bought some inexpensive clear dishes and used the doilies. It really was a fun way to do it and I think I might try something like it for other holidays once in awhile just for fun. I just got this idea while I was walking around the craft store getting desperate for some Valentine ideas. What I really want is some new white dishes though some day, then I can do anything with them.

I never thought I'd see myself buying anymore dishes after clearing out the warehouse but the trouble with all of those was there was usually only four place settings. So I guess I will still be purchasing now and then after all!

So it did take me all day to do
this post off and on but I did it!

Saying Good Night to Valentine's Day for another
year with this funny little photo that was
sent to me today by Jen!

Hope you had a good one!


laura.elizabeth said...

Oh, the table looks so pretty Mom! I wish Robert and I could have been there too! I love parties at your house! We are thinking about our next vacation too- lets talk about it soon! And I am thinking of Hazel every minute. I am so sorry she is sick again. We will pray for her and Jen and the crew. I just wish there was something more we could do.

Love you!

LA Adams said...

Fantastic decor! Nice pictures, I'm so sad about Hazie and of course we will pray for her and her mom.

Deanna said...

You know that my prayers are going out to Hazie and I know that she will overcome this dreaded RSV. She's a trooper and my heroine.


Sister Susie said...

OUTSIDE...We have great weather! Just the right temp!
THANKFUL...for the hospital bills coming in a little at a time. It gives me time to pay it off without making payments!
LEARNING...Amen, live in the moment, don't worry about the things you can't change.
READING...about autism spectrum disorder. Soon there will be no more special ed. classes.
KITCHEN...Key lime pie, a piece of chocolate, and an Ensure!
WONDERING...why so much flu has hit the school this year. So many kids/teachers have been out for days at a time. Yet, the curriculum waits for no one!
HEARING...Jerry squawking to be covered up. would be to not change the things that are working!!
QUOTING..."The LORD's ways are higher than our ways." It really makes it hard when we want to have knowledge we can't understand! enjoy tomorrow after school. We 6 ladies are having a "thank you" luncheon for our retired military officer grade chair.
MISSING...the old days. dreaming of retirement (not at school, of course! We're too busy for that!)
PET PEEVE...(Is it okay to do taxes now? I heard to wait because it was to take congress several months to reinstate the Bush tax cuts!) Otherwise I have mine done by now in order to have the refund to pay my property taxes!
FAVORITE...Ditto - we may not get much anymore if congress gets its way!
CURIOUS...about yard sales. You don't sale much and generally give it up to get rid of it, ha!
REST OF WEEK...Wed. - grade level get together, Thurs. - Stress test (I thought it was last week. After I got there, I was told it was the following week, duh!) Fri. - teacher dinner out!
Love to you and yours,

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Again Bon,
Now I know how I missed about Robert.
I didn't get to read this post on
Valentines day. Afghanistan, wow....isn't he in the Navy???

Your table looked beautiful and so romantic, you did a great job and I bet everyone loved it. Pretty red
glasses. I like the clear dishes too, cause you can put paper plates under them if you want and they look really pretty.

Gotta run get din din out of the oven.
Talk with ya later hon,
Love ya, Nellie
Will sure be praying for Hazie,
that doesn't sound too good, but God!!

Caroline Craven said...

Beautiful table. Our Valentine's Day went down the toilet. More on that later. Love the picture Jen sent.

Caroline Craven said...

Me again. You should never apologize for asking friends to pray for Hazie, it is our only way of helping.