Friday, February 18, 2011

Around The Cottage...

Things are always changing just slightly around here. I am moving things around, I think I might be obsessed with accessorizing. Seriously! I think it is because we have had most of our furniture forever, so my way of getting a new or fresher look is in shuffling and adding and rearranging the accessories! So here are a few additions and fun things going on around here since Christmas.

The third Friday for the month is one of my favorite days. After our Friday morning friends' meeting, Maureen and I make our monthly pilgrimage to Room with A Past. A I have mentioned many times, I have found so many incredibly fun things in that monthly warehouse sale. Maureen has too.

She and I think (in our humble way) we have the coolest little touches in our homes and so many of them come from this place. One thing I truly love is the prices are so reasonable. Let's just say this treasure hunting is a form of recreation for is pretty cheap, really and truly. We really enjoy it, it keeps us out of trouble and I'd much rather spend a few dollars here than at Target. You can find such unique things.

I adore the lace trim on this lamp shade!

I saw this darling little lamp about two nano seconds after we walked in this morning. I love accent lamps and this one is a treasure. $19.00 and it is looks fantastic on the hearth near the fireplace. Jim paid me the highest complement when I showed it to him. "Hasn't that always been there? It should have been, if it wasn't!" Woohoo...score! Hubbies like this are a rare find too!

I couldn't get the best photo of it because the light is bright but you can get the idea of where I put it anyway. It really adds a point of interest there and makes the room look so cozy~exactly what accent lamps are designed for in the first place. I brought my sunflowers out a little early I know...wishful thinking!

I haven't put my few Valentine's Day things away yet because I pretty much skip St. Patrick's Day and it is a little too soon for Easter. Besides Maureen made me this gorgeous paper Valentine garland for our dining room fireplace and I am enjoying it so much. All these beautiful hearts draping across and just under the mantel looks so pretty. Don't you just love it when a sweet friend gives you something like this? What a treasure!

I finally hung up the sign that Laura made for the bathroom. (Was held up by trying to figure out how to hang it without damaging the front.) I know you cannot really see the sign in this photo but wanted to show its proximity to the fresco. There is a good one below. I had intended to put it over the towel bar near the tub but I wanted to be able to see it easily so put it here in the little alcove for the loo. It is now lightly coated with a dusting of glitter and looks so beautiful with all the fun Italian things in the bathroom. So I pronounce the bathroom 100% done now, at last.

"We Enjoy The Sweet Life"

We loved the white towels in the bathroom during the holidays so I kept them up and just added orange hand towels for a little warmth and color. Here is Angelo my funny little angel with the glass eyes that really feel like they are looking at you! He came from the Hen House in Lafayette.

This angel that does not have a name yet, now hovers over the other glass towel bar near the tub. He reminds me of the Celine Dion recording of Sleep Tight where she sings...Sleep tight, May angels hover over you and spread their wings to keep you safe and warm." Hazie loves that song and likes me to sing it to her. Maybe his name should be Dion!

Call me crazy but...I love stuff like this!

One thing I have been working on is replacing some of the little things I have on my dresser top. Last month I showed you the funky, little decorated bottle I got at Room With a Past, today I picked up these fun hair clips for the mirror on my dresser as well. Mind you, they will never see the light of day in my hair actually, but they are so pretty! The stones are my favorite color and look heavenly on the dresser.

The little three-dimensional, sculpted, white wedding cake is something I will probably not replace because I love it. My sister-in-law, Marilyn and my brother, Gary gave it to us many years ago for an anniversary and the little wedding cake is just beautiful. It is a little reminder to keep the newness of romance alive!

In the same vein of keeping the romance alive
here is a sweet, heart-shaped, embellished wall hanging.
I have it hanging on our bedroom door knob.

I picked up this little candle cup today for a song.
Maybe $5.00. It is mercury glass and apple green
and I got it for this spot in our dining room.

It looks very pretty in the sunlight
and also lit at night.

The tall green decanter is also from
Room With A Past from days gone by.

I really like this lady's art work!
Maureen and I run for this booth
every month now to see what is new.

I showed you this last month and it has finally come to rest in our hall way next to the door to the brick patio. Perfect little spot for it. It proves my point that if you love something and it speaks to you, you will find a spot for it, even in a cottage. You just have to take something else down maybe, but if you love it, it can resurface later and be just as much fun the 2nd time around.

Surrounding yourself with people and things you love in your home just makes life so much more enjoyable. And it truly does motivate you to keep things maintained and tidy if you care for what you have and find your own, unique kind of beauty in it. What does your home say about you? It should be a window to your heart and your soul.


Deanna said...

I love everything but I want your bedroom door knob the most!!

I'm off to bed. I've had a really busy week and lot's of tests that I had done on both eyes. I am now the proud owner of a topographical map of both my eyes. Nothing looks interesting enough to travel through again...hee hee hee!

Love you,
P.S. Ensign came today and we are off to beddy bye and a little "our time" together. Thank you my sweet Bonnie.


laura.elizabeth said...

We are going to have to plan my visit around the third Friday in July because I LOVE and miss Rome With a Past. I love all of your new treasures. I wish I was better at accessorizing. It is not my strong point. I am good with the basics but lack the pizazz to make my house really unique! Got to jet! Love you!

Sister Susie said...

Such beautiful knick-knacks! I especially like the hearts! I don't know where you ladies store all of your collections. I don't do much in my house since it's just me. My furniture has been in the same place since the house was built in 1984! I do have my Beanie Baby collection in 2 cabinets and a storage in one bedroom!
Laughs and hugs,

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Morning Bon,
Loved all your treasure hunting finds, so pretty!!
that was a beautiful garland your friend made you for Valentines day.
Looks really pretty hanging from your mantle.
That green mercury glass is so pretty too, and your heart on the door knob.
Love that lil wedding cake picture too.
Don't you just love when you finally find just the perfect spot for something you've bought that you are crazy about but not sure what to do with it. So you keep trying it here and there and then found the right spot, so gratifying!! lol
Love your kitty on the hearth too,
so cute!!
Glad you are having fun and that you have found a great place to shop that doesn't cost a fortune, that makes it all the more fun.
Have a great weekend, and come by to see me, I miss you girl,
Can't wait for Tuesday to get here!!
I will let you know as soon as I recieve my treasure from you.
Love ya, Nellie
and How is Hazie???