Monday, February 28, 2011

A Simple Woman's Daybook~February 28, 2011

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So, For Today...

Monday, February 28, 2011

Outside my window...It is the blue hour. The sky is dark with a touch of blue. I can see the black skeletons of the trees without leaves on them in the darkness. It is going to be sunny today. That is always nice.

I am thankful for...sleep and the new beginning of each day. Unfortunately we woke up at 2:51 am this morning so I have a feeling there may be some serious naps today.

From the learning room...that some cliches are really good, like, "A stitch in time saves nine, Nip it in the bud, An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure...Old habits die hard!

I am reading...The Sweet By and By...So far it is a little too much like what I lived through with my mom in a rest home. But I have just barely started it, so we will see.

From the kitchen...we are out of many things we need, for me to do a good job on the program this week, so off to the store I go later today.

I am wondering...if Jen and Lowell will actually be getting on a plane for Edinburgh next weekend. Hazie, please stay well! They need this break so badly. Grampa camp starts next Tuesday if all goes well.

I am hearing...
It's Only Make Believe, Conway Twitty. Very mo
ldy oldie!

Today if I could change one thing...everybody's health issues would vanish into thin air.

I am quoting..."Every moment I live I am bowed down to something. And if i don't see God I will bow down before something else." Ann Voskamp

I am some projects around the house this week and get some cleaning done. When you have white kitchen cabinets, one day they just look spotted and need a good cleaning. That day was over the weekend.

I am gray slacks. They have vanished into thin air. How does this happen? Seriously I have looked every conceivable place a piece of clothing could be in this house more than once in the last many weeks. Simply....G O N E!

One of my guilty pleasures...Day dreaming about far away places. Time to plan another trip some place we have been wanting to go. Eastern Canada has come up in conversation a few times. Would also like to return to Victoria, The Empress Hotel for High Tea and Bouchart Gardens. When Jim returns from Utah in a few weeks we are going to check into going to Palm Springs for a few days. They are expecting 81 degrees this week..I am there!

Pet Peeves...The Oscars Show. Ho-hum! Watched some of it on Not exactly gripping or anything. The best part was Jim and I looking at the dresses afterward on the Internet and then reading some of the funny comments that viewers made on the outrageous ones.

One of my favorite things..Anything summery right now. I am freeeeeezing!

An enjoyable movie I have watched lately...Revisited Leap Year in honor of the February 29 that will not be happening this year. Cute movie.

I am curious big charities get any research money to cure diseases when they spend all their money on postage, stickers, calendars, note books and personalized note pads and begging for money?? So annoying when charities do that!

A few plans for the rest of the week... Meeting this afternoon and shopping for groceries, bills tomorrow and work. Class on land records for genealogy tomorrow night. Rain predicted for Wednesday and Thursday, so not sure where we will go this week for fun.

Checking in on how I can help a friend whose husband has been ill and my brothers' mothers-in-law who have both been ill. We are planning a dinner for friends this coming Friday night. Saturday, clear so far.

So March will be out of the starting gates with just a pretty routine kind of week.
I keep looking at the backyard and thinking it might be time to start doing a few things out there. I want to wash the windows but it's kind of pointless with four days of rain predicted for next week.

Here are some photos and some thoughts I am sharing with you...

Scouter of the Year for our Unit

Jim recently received this Scouting award at a special dinner we attended with our friends Dave and Lee. David is Jim's really good buddy and they do a lot of things together like camping, hiking, biking, working and now they are serving on the Scout committee together in our ward.

Jim and Dave

This is the pair of them working on Dave's new shop in their backyard. It just brings me such joy to know Jim has such a great friend and they now have more time to do things together. Most of Jim's life he has been working so hard he hasn't had as much time for these kinds of fun things with his friends. I see it brings him such happiness and for this I am grateful. They just love working together and are always helping each other with something. These two are so much alike, the farthest thing from couch potatoes there ever were! Lee and I just shake our heads and sigh! (But we are smiling when we do it!)

(New this week)

Most Uplifting Blog Post this week...From A Holy Experience


Nellie's Cozy place said...

HI Bon,
Thanks so much for that precious post yesterday, it certainly humbled my heart, but made it sing all at the same time!
You are such a sweetie, and we are
so enjoying this book, and still working on our goodies, we are pacing ourselves to get the most
mileage out of them. lol

I think Susan had a nice birthday, but she has been having problems with her back and diverticulitis as well,
so she wasn't feeling great. She was suppose to go back to the chiropractor this morning. She is however, much better than she was tho. So glad of that!!

I forgot to give her a hug but called her and told her later what you said, she was touched and said I could give it to her the next time I see her.
Read Ann Voskamp's blog today,
wonderful, and so encouraging.
It was so funny Jimmy and I were just talking about the thankful
thing cause our Pastor preached on that yesterday too, and said he was convicted about not thanking the Lord enough and he was going to only thank God for things this week and not ask for anything and he also challenged the congregation to do the same. Anyway, my Jim just said wouldn't it be great if this really caught on and people everywhere were thanking the Lord
for everything, and then I read
Ann Voskamps last statement!
God is really at work among His people, and I think it could become a revolution, look what is already happening with Ann's book, # 15 on the best seller list, and look at the link ups to her blog post.
Very Cool, Very Exciting indeed!
and I have one blogger friend who
started a Thankful thursday post
because she enjoyed mine so much,
and I have seen it change her already too! How neat is that!!

I saw where you started your 1000
Gifts list as well. Haven't read them all but read about 5, and loved the one about you texting with your kids. That is so neat!
I don't even know how to text, hubby does but does it very slowly,
and the kids love it when he does!!

Also could not agree more with you about the charities, I get all these freebies, I guess they think it will obligate you to give back.
Doesn't work here anyway, I want to give my money where it isn't being wasted like that.

That is so neat your Jim and his friend work together like that, it is an awesome gift to have a friend like that. Also neat about his Grampas camp, so you aren't going??
That is also wonderful about Jen and Lowell having this opportunity.
How wonderful, and we will sure be
praying cause I think they really deserve something after all they have been through, bless their hearts.

Well, hope you can plan that trip
to Canada, that would be awesome I'm sure! and we get to go too!
Even more Awesome!! lol

You have a sweet day cause you are
such a sweet friend.
Love ya hon,

Nellie's Cozy place said...

OH yea,
Have you thought to ask Jen and Laura
And Chris, if you might have left them there.
Sometimes if they are like my kids,
they forget to tell you things with all the stuff they have going on!
Love ya, Nellie

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Me Again,,,,,,,,,
Just in case you are wondering what you are suppose to ask them about,

it would be your gray slacks!! lol
OOPS, sorta forgot to include that

Have a good one,

Sister Susie said...


OUTSIDE...the weather is beautiful! Nice temp., bright blue sky, and cool breeze! chiropractor has stopped the severe spasms I was having in my back!
LEARNING...all the blessings GOD brings through good health!
READING...The school's union report :-(
KITCHEN...I've been blessed by family and friends who have brought me food during my "out-back" time.
WONDERING...why it's so easy to see the minute problems rather than all of the wonderful blessings that occur in life.
HEARING...the problems of the day on the local news. I need to remember the greatest news we have; our salvation in our GOD who loves us beyond our comprehension!
CHANGE...Amen! I wouldn't wish back spasms on my enemies!
QUOTING..."the LORD will supply all your NEEDS." be really busy at school again (after missing 3 days) of my school insignia shirts! Isn't it crazy! I have gone through the where is it to be found.
PLEASURES...listening to my DVD concerts in surround sound!
PET PEEVES...watching commercials, yet not remembering what they represent, ha!
FAVORITE...This time of year. The days are so bright, are longer, and just the right temp. for Florida.
MOVIE...hope to be able to go later this week!
CURIOUS...Those things you mentioned, I think they are considered "donations" and they can count it off their income tax.
WEEKS get caught up on three missed days, looking to brother's birthday on the 7th, more visits to the chiropractor to keep the back getting better :-)
Tell Jim to give you a hug for me!!
Love and hugs to you and yours,

Janet said...

I love your post today. Victoria is very beautiful. I was on a Business trip but I want to go back, I have a good friend that lives there too.

I agree with you on the charities sending so much stuff that probably never gets used. What a waste.

Have a wonderful week!


Marie said...

Beautiful daybook as always Bon! I am praying that Hazel stays well also so that Jen and Lowell can get away. You need to visit Eastern Canada. You will find the people friendly and the scenery beautiful! I may be a bit biased, but what the heck, it's the most beautiful part of Canada in my opinion! xxoo

laura.elizabeth said...

I love that Dad has a good friend in Dave too. What a blessing good friends are. I am hoping and praying things go well for J7L next week too- the deserve a long relaxing vacation together. I have been looking into cruises from Boston, they have one that tours eastern Canada- perhaps we should all go together. Love you!