Friday, February 11, 2011

The Plural of I~Valentine Unity

Our Wedding
15 June 1968

Some time ago Jim and were discussing our 40 plus years of marriage and thought about something that has given us a huge sense of unity. We often hear married couples talking about my son, my daughter, my house, my car, etc. I did this, I have that, etc.

We have tried to always say we, our and us and it makes a big difference about how we feel about each other, our marriage, our lives and our unity. Speaking singularly is divisive when you think about it. It is small thing that makes a big difference over time.


I wrote this a few years ago and I re-post it every year because I really think it is important and it is such a small thing and easy to do with great results. Just listen for it in conversations and you will see what I mean.


Sister Susie said...

It is such an honor to know the love between two people is shared in a manner that is such a witness to others. Christ shares this when He tells husbands to love their wives as Christ does His Church. Wives submit in honor as does the Church in love for Christ.

I had one time heard (and never have forgotten) that woman was not created from Adam's foot, to be walked upon, nor his back to follow him; but his side to walk under his sheltering arm.

It is such a testimony to our Almighty GOD and Savior when couples are totally submitted to Him and show such characteristics you mentioned that Jim and you share.

Thank you, Bonnie for sharing this important practice of love that our lives should portray.
Love and hugs to you both,