Saturday, February 12, 2011

Show Some Love To Your Heart

"Be Sweet~Studies have shown that dark chocolate may help keep high blood pressure down, your blood flowing, and your heart healthy. Some say it even mimics the feeling of being in love. Still moderation is advised.

Move To the Beat~Grab a partner and do some fancy footwork. Any activity that gets you moving~like dancing or walking~can help increase blood circulation, reduce stress, and protect your heart.

Do Your Thing~
Activities like painting, WRITING, yoga and meditation can help slow your heart and breathing rate and lower your blood pressure, all of which are good for your body and your heart." Sent to us this week by our health care provider, Kaiser Permanente.

Well, I found this very exciting. For so many years all we have heard is eat right and exercise for your heart. Of course those are essential but I love that the health care community is recognizing things like writing, and following your interests that are not aerobic are also ways to help you heart stay healthy. It made me feel good to know that this week the only thing on here I didn't do was eat dark chocolate! I think I can fix that today :-). Last night our ward had a family dance. It was really fun and I did the twist and some other dancing with Jim.

I think when we look at our health in a holistic, full body and lifestyle way, we can feel pretty good about what we do. It if is just about aerobics, well...I cannot feel as good about the changes I am making all the time to be more healthy. But I am working on it. You just cannot compartmentalize a human being. All of it matters and we are all doing good things and making an effort to live a good, healthy life if we are trying and moving forward. It is nice that the big picture is now being considered!

And I am thrilled to have it recognized that writing is good for the body and the soul! WooHoo!

Blogging on over here!
your heart!


Sister Susie said...

Blogging has definately helped my heart (soul wise, whether health wise, I don't know. I tend to sit more than get up and get going, lol!)

Chocolate! I like it too, even dark. However, my heart doctor told me not to eat any caffine!!!
So, there goes the chocolate (hot, solid, or otherwise!) No tea or coffee either! What is one to drink in the winter that is hot?

Have a most enjoyable Valentine's Day. I usually get a load of chocolate from my kindergartners!

Love and hugs,

Julie Harward said...

I agree, I think we have been counseled to keep our journals for many years now and I know it makes me feel good to do so. You write well Bonnie, I always enjoy your posts! ;D

Marie said...

Blogging helps my heart too Bonnie! I have made some very sweet friends through blogging and I am very grateful for that! Another thoughtful and interesting post Bonnie! Have a wonderful Sabbath Day! xxoo

LA Adams said...

Hey Dark chocolate is my favorite - not allowed yet till this particular diet is over and then is small moderation but hey something to look forward too! Nice to know there are real heart shapped flowers - nice. Thanks for the ideas

Caroline Craven said...

You own my heart on this one - holistic health is definitely the way to go!!!