Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Thoughts From This Time Last Year....

Haiti less than 2 months ago


When I wake up in the morning there is usually something I want to write about on my mind first thing. This morning I was thinking about adversity, the Last Days, and the 2nd Coming of Christ. Then I clicked onto my computer and saw the news about the major earthquake in Chili 8.8 with the effects threatening to be having some affect on 1/4 of the globe! I read that the effects may even be felt as far away as Japan. The Pacific Islands including Hawaii, Alaska, Coastal California may be hit with a tsunami...Hawaii being the most lightly target for now with La Jolla, CA and other coastal towns bracing, just in case.

I don't know about you but that makes me feel very small and insignificant when I think of the power and force behind these natural disasters. They seem to be coming at an ever-increasing pace. The prophecies of the last days are happening right before our eyes. As faithful Christians we look forward to the 2nd coming of Christ and our humanness also allows us to dread what will be and already is coming before hand. Sometimes it makes me want to just gather all the chicks back to the nest where we can just be together to weather the storms coming. We just want to make sure there are no empty chairs, that we are all on the same page and embedded in the same faith in Jesus Christ. That we can be together as a family and support each other close at hand. It is probably not to be in this life, but it is what we want.

Personally, I feel like for the last several years the trials and adversity suffered by families and individuals seems to be increasing quite rapidly too. Is that just me or do you feel it too? My prayer list get longer and longer.

30 years ago there were not as many people affected by the huge things as there seem to be now. Just about every family we know has something major to be dealing with~things that are life changing and very difficult. Things that are wide spread like birth defects, cancer, autism, devastating illnesses, unemployment, loss of homes, substance abuse, divorce, human slave trading and trafficking, increasing crime in every corner of the globe, etc.

The paradox to me is that traditionally and historically these types of things have brought people closer to God but looking around it feels like just the opposite is happening this time. What I see is the faithful getting more faithful and the unbelievers seem to be increasing in their pride and thoughts that they can handle life on their own. They are all for living it up, doing your own thing and the heck with any kind of moral conscience. Is this just me or do you agree?

The biggest perplexity to me comes when I wonder why people choose not to look to Christ. It is just that 'looking to the serpent on the stick and living' as we have read about in the old testament scriptures...is too easy? Are people just too stubborn to admit they might need divine help? Or even worse, to admit there actually is divine help? I know I say this all the time, but it really is odd to me.

A friend of mine is suffering a devastating loss of employment and loss of her home right now as she lives in a cottage on the estate in England where she has been employed as a chef. The family in the big house is splitting up, the property being sold and she and her husband are left out in the cold. No job, no house. Of course this has knocked them for a loop but this wonderful LDS couple has such strong faith and it will see them through this rough spot in their earth life.

On one of her two really down days I wrote this on her post as a comment....

Painting by Greg Olsen

"I once heard a talk, I think it was by Sherry Dew and she talked about living a life so intuned with the Lord that when you awaken in the morning the Devil says, "Oh, No, she's awake!"

One of his biggest tools is discouragement and when we awake refreshed and full of faith it so pleases the Lord and disgruntles the other one. That is you, my sweet friend. Full of faith and pressing forward with a prefect brightness of hope. I love you and things will work out.

When I have discouragement I try to remember that picture by Greg Olsen where the little girl is reaching up to Christ and He is leaning over to give her a hand up. He is there and you are reaching up! I am so proud of you.

And sometimes you just have to keep thinking in faith until you truly adopt that paradigm into your heart, hook line and sinker, that God really is in charge. That is when the fear leaves and the peace comes. I have had to do that many times with Hazel's health issues and other things too. It is incredibly amazing to be lifted up by the strong arm of the Lord."

My friend and her husband will survive and prosper and their faith will lift them up. Is there any other way to deal with the adversities of life that really help? If so, I am not aware of them. A little oil in our lamps each day helps us to be prepared and prayers for others really makes a difference. It is how we gird up our loins.

I have more thoughts on this...maybe tomorrow I'll do part 2.


Sister Susie said...

Just as the tremors below the earth's crust is shaking violently, so is the population of the world! Could it be, because there are more than 4 billion people! And, the percentage of those that know Christ as personal savior is such a small percent, it's as a grain of sand on the seashore?

The Bible was taken out of the schools with the excuse of "separation of Church and State." However, my state is looking to adopt a Social Studies curriculum that teaches about Islam, yet Christianity is banned!

I believe the same statement Christ made concerning the Pharisees could be made of todays world governments and our politicians in particular, "A den of vipors!"

What it comes down to, is we have to rely on the LORD for everything. His WORD says, "You have not, because you ask not." I have found myself doing much asking lately and it surely concerns the days we live in which I believe are "the last days."

Thank you, Bonnie for the sharing of your faith.

Love in our LORD,

Sister Susie said...

Thank you, Bonnie for your visit to my blog today! I am doing much better (thank our LORD!) I would not wish back spasms on "my worst enemy." (As the saying goes!) My chiropractor has done well!

I did (as always) enjoy my time with Nellie, Jim and the family!
I had a great birthday!

Work went well today. My Kndg. team is so great to work with. (4 of the 7 of us have worked together for 18 years!)

Love and hugs to you and yours,

LA Adams said...

Life seems to be getting faster, better, worse, happier, and scarrier. Hang on to God and enjoy the ride.

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Bonnie,
what a great post, and NO, it isn't just you! It seems like our world is changing by the hour these days. Wow, had not heard about the chili earthquake. Have not been online much today cause I was so tired and then Megan came over and had dinner with us, Scott is out of town. We had a great time, she is a treasure for sure.
One day soon I believe we are gonna see the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords coming in the clouds.
I think all the travail everyone is going through is for the purpose of strengthening us and making us stronger in our faith.
and you are right that the folks who are not believers seem to be getting more belligerent and rebellious as the days go by. Sad!

Have been praying for Hazie and Jen and Lowell. so hope they are able to have this time together if it is what the Lord has for them.

Jim did hear from Ligionier ministries yesterday, they are still doing interviews and hopefully will finish this week.
So we are excited that maybe we will hear something by the end of the week or next week, maybe Monday on Jim's birthday!! lol

Take Heart, Jesus Said, In this world you will have tribulation but
I have overcome the world!
Halleleujah!! I am so glad we know Him.
Love ya Sweetie, Nellie

rwmjs said...

Enjoyed reading your news & views today, except for the one about Hazel. Hopefully she will respond to the meds quickly and be well on the road to recovery by Sunday. (it sounds more positive than last couple infections) I understand Jim is coming up mid-week and that will be neat to see him again and I know he is wonderful help and fun for the children, so we will all appreciate that! Kind of you to let him come. (Jen says he will want to be over to Chris & Missey's some so we will let him escape a bit too) We have all been hoping and praying for Hazel & our wellness so Jen could get away with Lowell. I'll add Hazel's name to the temple again tomorrow. Love to you! MJS

Marie said...

Great repost Bonnie! As the female half of that couple who was sitting there last year without a home or a job, I am happy to report that it was the worst of times, but it was also the BEST of times. We could have done without losing our Jess, but we are so much happier back here in Chester. No job of course, but the extra time has afforded me the luxury of being able to explore my artistic talents and I am happy to report that this is an area that is really beginning to look up. Not enough to live on yet, but very promising. I think that the biggest lesson I learned over the last year is to trust in Heavenly Father even when you think the boat is sinking. He will always come through for you. All we need to do is to move forward with faith that He will. I love you my sweet friend. xxoo