Friday, March 25, 2011

Easter Eggs

Wouldn't it be fun if you could save eggs your kids decorate when they are little that aren't hand blown and so fragile? Wouldn't it be neater if your little kids could even hold and decorate a blown out egg without cracking it?

Once while decorating eggs with my friend, Lee, I discovered that you can. Did you know that you can hard boil and decorate eggs that will last forever a long long time? If they don't have any cracks they will be just fine for years to come. I always thought they would start smelling rotten, but nope. All that happens is that the egg inside dehydrates and shrinks and they are like a little rattle over time. Think plastic egg with a small chocolate egg in it. The first few years I would leave them out but hidden for a few months to make sure they were not rotten before storing them away. I have never had a problem and neither has Lee and she still has some that her mother painted for her when she was a little girl. Try it, it is eggciting.

The eggs that you see with the patterns on them are done with hard boiled eggs and spring tissue papers. You just tear some pieces dip them in liquid starch and press them on the egg and dry. Our daughter, Jen, taught me this little trick ten years ago when we were in Scotland she made them for Piper's first Easter. I fell in love with them but they were the blown eggs so would not transport easily. Finally I just made some of my own. Again, my kinda thing. They really are pretty cute for the effort that goes into them.

Well, I hate to put all my eggs in one basket but this is probably the only crafting post you will ever see from this chick!


Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Wow, great ideas! I can't believe you use hard boiled eggs but I'm gonna trust you on that one! Lovely ideas, I'm going to keep at this!! Thanks for the tips!!

Sister Susie said...

I wonder if there is a way you can decorate plastic eggs that would make them look like the "real thing?"
. .
. *

Is that egg on my face? Ha!
Love to you and yours,

Julie Harward said...

These are so pretty...thanks for the good ideas! ;D

Marie said...

Fabulous idea Bonnie. Thanks for sharing. Have you heard about Lura? Please keep her and John in your prayers. Thanks! xxoo

Caroline Craven said...

I wish I had known that when my kids were little. But I feel so empowered knowing it before I have grandies! Thanks for the info.