Thursday, March 31, 2011

March Madness...

The ground cover is all so perky from all the water.

Here it is March 31st already. March was a busy, rainy month around these parts. I found a few random photos I thought I'd share. One of the upshots of the rain is the ground cover around the house is so pretty and the moss grows like crazy on the bricks and along the road side by our mailbox.

The moss is that electric, apple green that is always so beautiful in the spring. The rising water table keeps everything very healthy looking all summer with the help of the automatic sprinklers.

A few weeks ago we had some rather large storms roll through and one of them knocked over a tree in our front yard. The tree was kind of a wispy one, and was probably about 20 feet tall. It seemed little by comparison to some in this yard, but it was a lot of work for Jim.

Jim loves getting out the power tools!

I am so thankful it wasn't a really large branch off one of the big trees though. There are times when those giant trees really scare me when that old wind starts to blow. We have always been blessed during the storms, but it can be a worrisome bother. The trees all have such intricate roots systems that are intertwined, but the branches can crack and fall. We have been very blessed in that department, thank heavens. We know of several people that had much larger trees fall in these storms.

I wish I had thought to take some pictures early in the clean up process. Poor Jim was out in the pouring rain trying to get it all cleaned up. Here he is just cutting up the last of it. He is such a hard worker, I love that. And I do get a kick out of his Little Boo Peep hat!

I took these picture through my office window so he was unaware. He cut up some of the trunk of the tree for his mom's little family room fireplace. He is a very thoughtful son and takes good care of her every need! On top of all the work he does for her he spends a couple hours with her, mother and son one on one time, every single Monday. I would love to have that kind of time with Chris. What a blessing for her.

Hiking up the driveway to put the tools
away and clean up. He still doesn't
know I am taking his photos through the window.

He finally saw me and cracked a little smile.
He loves it when I take pictures of him working.
Love the Grampa scruff,
it is very early in the morning at this point in the day!
It is quite a good thing that I did not
turn the camera on myself!


Caroline Craven said...

I love your moss, and good for you for just going with the flow instead of trying to fight it. Can you believe some people hate the moss on everything. I love it. Love the pictures of Jim being busy. Does that man ever just "chill"?

Sister Susie said...

The beauty of spring, whether moss, lilies, flowers from our bulbs, or a smile of one caught doing what they like! Spring is a time of reviving!

Don't work to hard or I may have to get going with it in my yard, lol!

Hugs to you,

Deanna said...

Hi hon,
We have been going full speed for the past two weeks. I've been by to read your post but this is the first moment I've had to sit and type.

I love the moss. Is it very hard to take care of? I've been trying to go "Green" in my backyard. We have so much lawn that it is really taking a lot of water to keep it green. I've been thinking about putting a few little areas with flagstone and perhaps a fountain or two to cut down on how many times a months we have to mow this summer.

Sorry you lost one of your trees to that storm. What a good son Jim is to have cut all of that wood for his mother. I think Marshall would have passed out after cutting that tree trunk!

Well, we are off! I'm heading out to Home Depot to buy our paint for our dining room, living room and laundry hallway. I'm so excited! After those wasted five months I spent in eye pain, I now get to paint my home!!

Love you dearly!
Deanna :D

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Miss Bon bon,
thank you so much for your birthday song you left for me, everyone wanted to know how you did that, including me!! lol
I got a real kick out of it! yea, I thought Jimmy did a great job on the table too.
Your Jim is really working hard there, they love those chain saws and power tools and tractors don't they??
Course, I am glad they do!! lol

What an adorable pic of Hazie, so cute. Is she all better now??
Sure hope so!

I am hoping our stormy weather is over now. It is suppose to be sunny and 81 degrees tomorrow. I hope they are right cause we have to go to the Cardiologist and then do some shopping around after, so looking forward to that part, not so much the Cardiologist cause he can be on the negative side at times, course the last few times he really hasn't been like that cause we pray for him before we go, and it sure seems to be working, he probably wonders why he is so cheerful when we come in!! lol
Hubby is his star patient tho!!

Jim had another interview today, with another company and they called and asked him to come back on we go again!! lol
It makes me think of a joke I heard once, someone asked a guy what his fav verse was and he said "And it came to pass", thank God it didn't come to stay!! Halleleujah to that!! lol

Hope all is well with you. Did you hear anymore about Jen coming?? Hope so, that would be so fun for you.
well, girlie,guess I better go.
Love ya, Nellie

laura.elizabeth said...

I love the green of the moss and the smell of spring at your house. Those are things that will always remind me of home. I am glad it is a little warmer at your house. Can't wait for spring in full over here.

Marie said...

Love your garden Bonnie and seeing Jim at work. What a sweet man he is. Such a friendly and loving face. You are so blessed! xxoo