Monday, March 14, 2011

A Simple Woman's Daybook~March 14, 2011

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So, For Today...

Monday, March 14, 2011

Outside my window...It is the first week of Daylight Savings Time and pitch black out right now. It is supposed to be cloudy today with rain every day but Thursday this week. The temperature is supposed to get up to 70 though so that is a plus. The rain is good, our hills are apple green velvet right now. So lush and beautiful.

I am thankful for...The safe travels of our family this week. Everyone got home safe and sound yesterday afternoon. Jim must be exhausted as he is already heading towards the Temple this morning. Jen said they had a restful time. Since they use to live in Scotland and she served as a missionary there it wasn't like she needed to do a lot of sightseeing. Hazie and the other girls did just find while they were away and we are so grateful for that.

The only wrinkle was that their little dog, Molly, had an emergency trip to the Vet, surgery on a big gash on her side and flank and an overnight stay in the hospital. She was playing outside and came home with the injury. No clue how it happened. They live on the side of the mountain and only a portion of their yard is fenced so she went beyond the limits of safety and paid the price. Poor little thing but she is going to be fine.

From the learning room...Jim and I attended a fascinating lecture last night by one of the last eight living, survivors from Sobibor, one of the death camps in Poland. It was sponsored by the Jewish Learning Institute of Contra Costa and we were so glad we went. A quarter of a million Jews were gunned down or gassed in this camp and he and his brother were the only siblings to survive and two of 48 that survived after they masterminded an escape with six hundred others.

We have become students of the Holocaust thorough a lot of reading and an at home study course we are doing together. It was a very moving experience to hear him tell of his experiences. He is on a mission to share it and educate others, in keeping with a pact they all made if they were to survive. He is 85 years old and his name is Philip Bialowitz. He has just published his book entitled, A Promise at Sobibor.

I am reading...The Sweet By and By....still with this book but so far I am not that motivated. Hoping it will come into its own soon, so not giving up yet. Also ordered the above mentioned memoir so will be starting that soon.

From the kitchen...All stocked up and prepared for the week, I love it when that happens. Soup, tacos and salads on the menu and a few other things.

I am wondering...How Japan will recover? Seriously so sad.

I am hearing...Sunshine on My Shoulders~John Denver.

Today if I could change one thing...that there could be a season of decreased war and evil designs of conspiring men...that we could just have a rest from it all. We may have our modern conveniences in this era but our stresses and concerns are as heavy, just different, as at any other time in the history of this planet. We knew it was coming but sure wish we could catch our breath between disasters and bad news.

I am quoting..“I shall come again because I like myself when I am with you.” Daryl Hoole
A quote from the featured blog post of the week. Don't miss it!

I am thinking about...
what the humanitarian efforts of our church are and will be for Japan and hope we can help. The church is the only place we would make a financial contribution because we are assured every cent will go to Japan with no administrative costs. But I am wondering if, as a church of millions, we will make blankets, personal hygiene kits, crocheted bandages, etc. like we have in the past. I hope so. It is amazing what we can accomplish in a short time with a concerted effort and many hands busily working and serving.

I am going...get well this week. After two weeks of coughing, especially at night I am exhausted. I pretty much stayed home all last week but can't shake the cough. But this week I am going to do it!

I am missing...getting together with our entire family so we are planning a reunion in Utah this June.

One of my guilty pleasures...connecting with family and friends on Facebook. It really makes everyone feel so much closer. Did I mention I saw The Social Network and story of Facebook last week? Crazy story and I do admit to having a love/hate relationship with the site. I also admit to being mostly a voyeur and posting status updates that are very benign.

Pet Peeves...with regards to Facebook; Farmville and the likes of all that stuff, make me nuts!

One of my favorite things..iPhone apps. If you have little ones around you, check out Talking Tom Cat. That little critter kept me entertained last week. I also love Grocery IQ and Gas Buddy.

An enjoyable movie I have watched lately...The Sarah Plain and Tall Trilogy. Excellent Family Entertainment. A wonderful story and Christopher Walkin and Glenn Close do a great job of it.

I am curious many more times we will get to go to Rhode Island now that the kids are staying for another two years and maybe more. I LOVE that wonderful place so we are excited. They are signing papers on another house tomorrow so they will have more room. Yay!

A few plans for the rest of the week...Today a WW meeting and prep for tomorrow at the Family History Center's work and a movie night with Jim, Wednesday, Missionaries for dinner, Thursday I am going to pinch Jim since I know he will not be wearing green, seeing a friend that is turning 40 on Thursday also and getting the hair cut and touched up, Friday weekly friend gathering, and then a trip to Room With A Past ( if you want to join us, let me know) and celebrating being a Gramma for 12 years on this 18th of March, maybe a day trip on Saturday since we have no plans for the weekend yet except church on Sunday.

Here are some photos and some thoughts I am sharing with you...we are skipping St. Patrick's Day and jumping right into Easter over here.

Our Funny Easter carrot with his bunny snacks.

I have a little collection of lambs
and these are two I really like.

Jen gave me this cloche last year and I decided to dress it up with some Easter things. Found this little bunny over the weekend at a Spring Opening Sale at the Elegant Clutter in Danville.
I also got the eggs there and the little nest below. Already had the moss so filled in with that.

These bunnies are from Utah and the
bedazzling is complements of Miss Jen.
The copper glitter makes them perfecto
for the kitchen window sill.

I love this sprawling jack rabbit.
Have had him for quite awhile.

My favorite, these little
glitter eggs from Misto Lino
in a tiny bowl with moss,
pour le bain!

So this is part of what I did last week while
passing the time until Jim came home.
It is not earth shattering business or anything,
just something I enjoy doing.

The Blog I visited with the Most Excellent Advice this week.....This post focuses on good advice for in-laws. I found it very true, very insightful and worth reading. It focuses on how to be a good-in-law, as a parent. There is always something to learn in this area of our lives. The wise person protects this relationship like The Crown Jewels. You can find it here.


Janet said...

I love your Easter decorations and the sparkles. I need to get my out too after we celebrate my son's birthday this weekend and I do my taxes and of course working too......What a busy life....But never to busy to check out your BLOG.

Blessings & Hugs

Marie said...

Glad Jim is home now Bonnie, safe and sound. Glad too that your daughter had a lovely visit to Scotland and the home fires were kept burning safe and sound whilst they were away. I love all your Easter decorations. How lovely. I need to plant myself a forsythia so that I can have some pretty branches to use as an Easter tree in the spring. Everytime I see a film about the Holocaust my mind boggles that there are people out there still who think it didn't happen. How could they not know in the face of all that is evident that this happened. Sad. Love you loads my sweet friend! xxoo

Sister Susie said...

OUTSIDE...beautiful, perfect Florida weather! get back safely from the west coast to the east! (I'm thankful Molly will be fine!)
LEARNING history repeats itself and man refuses to learn from it. Presently: Obama faces the same situation with Gaddaif as Bush did with Hussein.
READING...your blog, ha! (You probably question, "Does Susan ever read anything!!)
KITCHEN...all stocked with left overs from Jim's birthday celebration and chicken fingers from Publix!
WONDERING...about the outcome of my visit to my financial advisor this afternoon about retirement.
HEARING...Grace barking in the living room at the mailman again!
CHANGE...the happening in Japan to not have been so!
QUOTE..."When you see these signs, know that I'm near, even at the door!" such messes can be cleaned up! WWII Japan, 9/11, Tsunami in Japan! hear what I hopefully want to hear at today's meeting with Frank (my retirement advisor.)
MISSING...a time when the world didn't seem to be in such total chaos.
PLEASURE...sitting in my chair doing nothing!
PET get out what I want to say before I'm cut off in mid-sentence.
MOVIE...(sort of) I watched John Fogerty's concert (2 hours in surround!
CURIOUS...If retirement really makes life more enjoyable.
WEEKS PLANS...visit financial advisor, dispute a claim on my med. insurance ($5,400 worth!), pay bills, enjoy relaxation before going back to (what my parents use to say) the mad house!
PICUTRES...I though your carrot was a sweet potato! Then I saw the rabbit and eggs! usual, read the info last! NO! I really don't follow DIRECTIONS that way, ha!
Love and hugs,

Caroline Craven said...

I love your decos. I also agree that a break from all the wars, political tension and disasters would be nice. Sometimes I just don't listen to the news or read anything, but then I feel dumb and uninformed so I go back to it, only to get depressed about it all over again!!!