Friday, March 18, 2011

Sunrise, Sunset~Swiftly Go The Days..

Happy Birthday Miss Piper!

Today is a happy day, albeit a little bitter-sweet. Our beautiful little first grandchild is turning 12! On this day 12 years ago... a joy, like a rushing, bright light entered our hearts and life has never been the same. I am still amazed at the instant, deep love one has for a grandchild, it is a beautiful gift and one that surprised me with its intensity.

Piper and Spencie
It seems like such a short time ago she and Spencer where so little and playing in the wading pool in our backyard. This year, not only Piper but Spencer and Connor will be 12 also. You know our kids, they do everything in threes. All married within four months in 1997 and all had a baby within seven months of each other, two years later.

Just yesterday...

This was that defining photo. When I saw it sometime this past year, I knew she wasn't a little girl anymore....swiftly go the days...! She is a cute and perky preteen and coming into her own on many levels. (Piper, we could not love you more or be more proud of you.) Just last night she performed in her first drama production at school. How sad we are to have missed seeing it. I know she was fantastic in her role. She is such a beautiful girl and so sweet and caring. I love that about her so much. Tell me this isn't the day she can start wear a little make-up! Yep, I think it is!

Twelve is a fun age for girls in our church. She gets to go to our Young Women's Program now which is just amazing. They get to learn more about the gospel as it pertains to growing up and seeking after a life that will make our Father in Heaven happy and make them happy too. They have wonderful leaders that help them learn the young woman's values which are:

This is their theme which they memorize and
recite in unison with their friends
every week on Sunday.

They have a lot of very fun activities and they learn to serve others and enjoy this beautiful earth we have been given at Girls' Camp once a year. They have week night activities one night a week as well as great Sunday lessons. It is a wonderful foundation for a young woman and one we are so happy that she will have. There is a companion program for the boys which I will share with you when Spencer turns 12 in May.

So Happy Birthday to our Beautiful Piper!
Eat Cake!

We wish we could spend this
Special Day with you, Honey!


Sister Susie said...

Hi Bonnie!
Tell your beautiful granddaughter that your blogger friend, Susan, says, "Happy Birthday!"

It is so important that our children be brought up under the guidance of our LORD. His WORD tells us, "Raise up a child in the way he (she) should go, and when he (she) is old, he (she) will not depart from it." What a dynamic blessing of promise!

Love to you and yours,

Julie Harward said...

Loved this post...and I know what you mean about the defining pic. I see the growth in them too. She is a sweet young lady..thank goodness for the awesome YW program! ;D

Deanna said...

Happy Birthday to Miss Piper!
She is a lovely young lady and is definitely blessed to have a close loving family on her side.

Happy Happy Day!
Deanna :D

Caroline Craven said...

Jen must be having a sort of fit/proud moment for Piper. It was hard for me to see Nicki (being teh first) to reach all the defining milestones, yet at the same time, it was a lot of fun to see her grow into the woman she is today. I remember when Piper was born and all the excitement at the Mattson household. No doubt she has and is fulfilling her role of bring much joy to her parents and grandparents. Send her my birthday wishes.