Monday, March 21, 2011

A Simple Woman's Daybook~March 21, 2011

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So, For Today...

Monday, March 21, 2011

Outside my is the first day of spring, Yay! It is not a very springy day here but it is struggling to be. There is a bright sun right now but clouds in the wings just waiting to take center stage and change things and rewrite the script. The wind is egging them will rain.

I am thankful for...something very exciting to look forward to in June. On our 43 anniversary we will be with every single one of our kids and grandkids, in a beautiful ginormous home in the Sundance Resort area. We have not all been together since Christmas 2006 and some of the grandies have never met Aunt Laura and Uncle Robert and they and their kids have not met Owen and Hazie and vice versa. We have invited Jim's mom to fly in and join us for the three day reunion so it truly will be a complete reunion of our immediate family. We are having a family picture done for sure. This is a dream long in the plans, finally coming to fruition.

From the learning room...I can do whatever I set my mind to doing with the Lord's good and abundant help!

I am reading...Not Sweet By and By. But I am glad I have it on my Kindle and may come back to it another time. I am reading a research book though on Mindless Eating and it is very interesting. It is not a diet book at all, but is about all these studies of how the environment cues us to eat and eating habits cued by rituals and traditions, etc. It is quite enlightening with some hard numbers on things they have experimented with in study groups.

From the kitchen...Needing to go and buy some food today but will be eating out with friends tonight, Wednesday night and Sunday night so will not need much this week.

I am wondering...if it is weird to think I can write a book if I can just come up with a subject, or a story, or something that anyone would be interested in reading?? Should it be a memoir, a research on something I am passionate about, fiction, a Church book...who knows??

I am hearing...Ain't Misbehavin'~Louis Armstrong. Love me some Old Satchmo.

Today if I could change one thing...Thin genes would be for sale on the Internet.

I am quoting..."Aron Leal, age 4. "How did that big Salami hit Japan, Daddy?"

I am thinking about..
.Summer in Utah and after the reunion bringing Laura and Robert and the boys home to our house so they can fly home from CA at the end of the month. Heaven on earth just all of us being together...cannot wait.

I am run some errands in a little while and get organized for a tablescape I am doing for the Relief Society Birthday dinner party on Wednesday night. We are doing a table for every month of the year, mine is February.

I am missing...My mom. I just recently found a copy of the eulogy and life history I wrote for her funeral and it just brought back so many wonderful memories of her life. Very bittersweet.

One of my guilty pleasures...Potato Salad, my mom's recipe. It is my total too die for food....rarely eat it but when I do it is a total guilty pleasure. We will be having it at the reunion...for sure.

Pet Peeves... The PRICE of gas! Kill me now! Over $4.39 for the middle grade although I haven't bought that in years. $4.05 for regular at the pump in our neighborhood now. So bad for the economy, I heard on the news today it is already affecting retail. My bigger pet peeve is that in a few months it will be old hat and we will all just accept it, cut somewhere else to survive and keep driving as much as ever.

One of my favorite things...Staying home, enjoying the simple life and hibernating with my hubby. I love to avoid the hubbub out there anymore. Peace, I just love the peace of home.

An enjoyable movie I have watched lately...Jim and I have been watching Winds of War and War and Remembrance for several weeks. Without question the best movie ever made on WWII. It was a TV mini-series with 44,000 extras to give you an idea of the magnitude of the project. The producer, director, screen writer, Dan Curtis, (along with Herman Wouk the author of the book), is the best in the business. This series is worth every minute of the time it takes to view it. If you have Netflix, you should see it. It is life changing and gives a tremendous overview of WWII in all its theaters.

I am curious the impact of WWII affected the parents of my generation and what from those affects, shaped the way we are today. My father returned from over five years at war and I was born less than two years later in '47. I am so curious to know who my parents were before the war disrupted their life and dreams.

A few plans for the rest of the week...WW meeting in a few minutes, tomorrow, Family History Center and 2 hour class on genealogy, Wednesday night RS Birthday Dinner, Thursday day trip. Friday client time and shopping for a sofa for her & a new mattress for our guest room. Saturday wedding reception, Sunday church and dinner at The Leals. Hmmm, busy week.

Here are some photos and some thoughts I am sharing with you...of our little grand girls. Getting ready for a spa night with them at the reunion already! Get collecting that crazy nail polish girls!

Little Anyslee with a giant bug! Eeuuu!

Hazie at school!

Beautiful Piper on her 12th Birthday.

Funny Hazie, Asleep with a
Lego locked into her bite!

Precious Chloe Jane all decked out!

Miss Julia in her cute tee shirt mom
and dad brought her back from Scotland.
Striking resemblance!

The Blog I visited with the best Easy Easter Project this week was.....

See Lynda's Blog here for instructions:

Featuring this great and fun and easy project. I actually have made these, sure wish we could find the big blue bin that is housing all my Easter things! I guess I might be giving it a go again. I have never been that thrilled about decorating for Easter but for some reason (longing for spring?) I really am enjoying it this year. Partially because I have found some fun new things...the upside to losing your box of goodies somewhere in the attic I guess!


Marie said...

Loved your daybook as always Bonnie and I loved the pictures of your Granddaughters! Oh how luck you are to have so many beautiful grandchildren and how lucky to be able to have this family reunion to look forward to and a summer with your daughter and her family!! Bliss, pure bliss!! You would die if you had to pay the price of Petrol over here right now. It is £1.33.9 a litre here, which works out to $8.60 a gallon. AND . . . our government is going to be tacking another 5 pence a litre (36 cents a gallon) on in April. There goes my lovely summer plans. We will be lucky if we can afford to go to church, nevermind to anywhere else! It's ourtrageous! xxoo

Marie said...

PS - Would love to know how your mother made her Potato Salad! xxoo

Caroline Craven said...

I am thinking that between the Leal genes and Beth, this hilarious comment from Aron must not be that much out of the ordinary. However, it is stinking funny! The gas thing is just beyond belief. Apparently part of Obama's trip to Brazil is to grant a drilling permit to them in the Gulf of Mexico, a place we can't even drill in thanks to the ever increasing stupidity in DC. Can't even think about it as it practically paralyzes me with rage.