Sunday, March 27, 2011

How Can He Be?

This handsome young man is having a birthday today! He is our son, Christopher! How can this be that he is 36 years old? Honestly time is quite the deceiver isn't it? It seems like such a short life that we actually live here on this earth. I am glad that families are forever. He left home at 18 to go away to college and now he has spent half his life outside our home. This is simply mind blowing, that 's all.

Last year I posted about him and how much we love and appreciate him. It is about him, who he is and what he has done in his life so far. If you didn't read it or want to reacquaint yourself with him you can find that post here. There is also slide show included with some highlights of his life so far and some moldy oldie family shots.

So for now I'll just say Happy Birthday, Son! They don't come any better than you. Dad and I are so happy for you and all the good things that are happening in our life. Keep up the good work. Know that you are loved by the whole family very much! Eat Cake!

XOXO~ Have a SUPER wonderful 36th Birthday!


LA Adams said...

Life is so fleeting! What a great son.
Hey, why do I hear the sound of something dropping in the water on your blog?

Caroline Craven said...

Well, we don't know him nearly as well as you do, but we always thought he was such a good kid! Please pass our happy birthday wishes on to him.

Sister Susie said...

Tell Chris I said have a great Happy Birthday!