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A Simple Woman's Daybook~March 7, 2011

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So, For Today...

Monday, March 7, 2011

Outside my is sunny and bright out and 10:05 am. There is a pretty good breeze and some billowy, white, puffy clouds. Promises to be a great day here with a high of 62 degrees.

I am thankful for...Jen and Lowell's opportunity to be in Scotland right now. They should have landed just a few hours ago. We are thankful all of them are well and things will be normal at home for Mary Jane and Read as they care for the kids and that Jim can go tomorrow to help out too.

From the learning has a mind of its own in spite of the plans we try to make. Most work out, some don't. It is a skill to just roll with the punches and accept that ultimately we are not in charge. Sometimes our prayers are not answered with a yes, because someone else has prayed for their own yes which may make our answer a no. What I mean by that is if two teams both pray to win a game as an will get what they want, the other will not. It can't always be everybody's way.

I am reading...The Sweet By and By....I am enjoying this book. There seem to be a lot of books out written in this same style lately, where each chapter is about a different person in the story and their thoughts. The style reminds me of The Help.

From the kitchen...hmmmm, not much right now. Still recovering from the big crab feed so staying away from the frig, stove and sink as much as possible.

I am wondering...when I plan to get dressed and up and at it today. Up a lot last night battling a nasty cough from a mild cold, so didn't rest well last night at all.

I am hearing...
Peaceful by Kenny Rankin...beautiful!

Today if I could change one thing...that Robert would not have to be away from his family for over a year while off to a worn torn country to protect our freedoms. My wish is that this crazy, mixed up world would finally learn that wars do not solve anything, love does.

I am quoting.." I have come to realize that I have Very. High. Expectations. Of myself. Of my kids. Of my house. Of my work. Perfection is an exhausting task master. A wise friend once said that your disappointment is defined by the delta between your expectations and reality." Adelle Gabrielson.

I am thinking about...
When and where Jim and I will go for our full time mission for the church? Will it be 6 months, 12, 18 or 24 months in duration? Will it be in the next five years? Yep, I think it will be.

I am going... to get a lot done today once I get done with this post! Errands to run, manicure, etc. Going to spend some time talking with Laura about our summer plans and options.

I am missing...the good old days when people were friendlier, not as rushed, there was no road rage, or so much disrespect. The simpler, sweeter times. It is my naivete or has it gotten so much worse? Rudeness is inexcusable, what purpose does it ever serve?

One of my guilty pleasures...having the time and opportunities to do what I want, when I want. Such a rare commodity in this decade of life. Never since before kindergarten have we had this privilege and we are loving it. You cannot imagine what it is like to suddenly be rid of that big snow ball, hot on your heels, of things you have to do right now, as it is the only time available..unless you are doing it too. If your time is coming, look forward to it, it is a wonderful gift...nothing to fear.

Pet Peeves...Gas prices nearing $4.00 per gallon. This is economic recovery for who, exactly?

One of my favorite things..Robert Mitchum in War and Remembrance. He reminds me of my dad in that role.

An enjoyable movie I have watched lately...Jim and I have been watching War and Remembrance lately, a mini-series with lots of discs. It is excellent but pretty heavy, so I watched Letters to Juliet the other night, so delightful. You must be thinking how many times does she watch a movie? A lot sometimes and I enjoy it just as much every time. I know some people think it is probably is. What can I say??

I am curious about...the remarkable resiliency of the human body. What an amazing creation! You actually can budge that scale in a downward trend with effort and diligence.

A few plans for the rest of the week...mani/pedi, maybe hair cut and color? Working tomorrow the early shift (yay) at the Family History Library after dropping Jim off at the airport. Some visiting teaching, shopping with a client for two sofas, blogging, Weight Watchers, Spring open house at the Elegant Clutter on Saturday. Nothing major, just things that I want to do and need to do. Life maintenance kind of stuff with some fun thrown in, maybe going to the movies? I am on my own so I can choose spontaneity!

Here are some photos and some thoughts I am sharing with you...I barely made it to work on time last Tuesday as when we arrived on Temple Hill this is some of what caught my eye. We work in the most beautiful place with ten full time gardeners, it is a feast to the eyes every single week. I am so happy to have my iPhone with a camera at the ready everywhere I go.

I love all the brilliant colors and happy little flowers.

The Blog I visited with the Most Beautiful photos this week.....White and Shabby
As much as I love color, there is something so magical about white. I just love these photos. This is a German woman's blog with Google translator! Interesting!


Caroline Craven said...

Bonnie - that is so funny that you were almost late for work because you were taking pics of flowers. I do that every time we go down to Temple Square. They always have the most gorgeous gardens and I always take too many pictures while the rest have to wait for me. Have a good "single-girl" week. That's only fun if the kids are out of the house and you truly can be spontaneous. Doesn't happen here except for an hour or two. Never days at a time.

Marie said...

Beautiful pictures Bonnie! Love them. Also love your thoughts. We had friends that went on a Mission over here from Murray, Utah. A lovely couple. They were supposed to be here for 2 years, but they had to go back early as he got ill. Thankfully he recovered. We sure missed them when they left, but have stayed in touch. I would love to go on a mission with my Todd. That would be the best. Love and hugs coming your way from over here in the UK. xxoo

Sister Susie said... is dark with a cool breeze before the rain comes later tonight. back is doing better. get my "ducks in a row" for retirement.
READING...about different medical insurance and their benefits.
KITCHEN...Ive got to go check out what I have to eat, ha!
WONDERING...why the gas prices keep going up and the oil companies keep making billions of dollars during a time of economic collapse! dogs chewing on their new chew bones I gave them today!
CHANGE...That Lucifer would have never fallen. Then sin would not be present and there would be no wars outside or inside our country.
QUOTING...your friends quote is very true. What I want so badly I seem to not be able to achieve.
THINKING...about my visit next week with my financial advisor. Pray I can accomplish what I need to do. enjoy next week. SPRING BREAK!
MISSING...the times when the world was not so overpopulated that you feel like you're "crawling over one another" when you try to park your car, visit a store, drive on the highway!
GUILTY PLEASURES...just sitting and doing nothing!
PET spend only so much at each fill-up at the pump (whether the prices are high or low!)
FAVORITE...John Wayne and his swagger!
MOVIE...Alice and I went to see "Unbroken." It follows along the line of Matt Damon's movies.
CURIOUS...At why the body ages, but not the brain! No matter what age you are, you still think you can do things like you did when you were young!
REST OF WEEK...finish testing the kids, get the report cards done (on-line); get my data notebook, plan book, grade book all ready for the principal to look at the first week we're back from spring break! Some of it I will probably be doing over the break!

Nice pictures that give a relaxing feeling to look at!
Love and hugs,

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Bonnie,
So glad to hear Jen and Lowell are in Scotland, and I hope all is going well at home. I pray they have a 2nd honeymoon while they are there.

Those are beautiful gardens where you guys are working, so pretty.

Looks like your crab feast went very well too. What a lovely table you set, and I got a kick out of your goblet shot for me!! lol
You are so cute!!
Love your china, it is really very beautiful and elegant. Your table looked so pretty and bet everyone really enjoyed it.

Liked what you did to your mantle as well, nice touch of spring and Easter. I am waiting to start decorating next week, as we are having a birthday celebration for Jim with the family this coming Sunday. It was suppose to be last
week, but we decided to postpone it.

As soon as I posted my comment about the earthquake in Chili, I went back and read it again to Jim and realized
your heading said from last year, but somehow got interrupted and then forgot to go back and tell you!! sorry bout that!

Looks like yall have had a fun and busy week. Hope you are doing well without your honey.
Love ya, Nellie

P.S. Did you see my Tuesday post
about how things turned out with our company?? It was great!