Friday, March 11, 2011

"Faith Gets Out of the Boat"

Do you ever read or hear something that just speaks to your soul and you cannot stop thinking about it? Now I don't want you to think I am becoming an Ann Voskamp groupie or anything, but since I am studying her book right now and reading her daily blog posts the things she speaks of are on my mind.

Anyway, not sure where I saw this quote of hers, but it just keeps returning to my mind and I cannot stop thinking about it. It is like a catchy tune that keeps replaying in my head. I told our daughter, Laura, about it and she made this great photo above for me. I just had to share it.

I think these words are going to be with me now for the duration of my life. I think it will go through my head whenever I am afraid or doubtful that I can do something that seems insurmountable. Whenever I am faced with something that doesn't seem logical but needs to be done, I'll think of it.

Faith is so much more than thinking you really can do something. The faith with power is the faith in Jesus Christ, and that through Him all things are possible. That is the faith that heals and saves and helps us to change and progress. Just like Peter, we need to remember that faith is a verb. We have to do something. Faith is focusing on Him and getting out of the boat. As we fix our gaze upon Him we can walk on the water but when we look away, we're sunk.


Sister Susie said...

I should stop hesitating about retiring and just do it! This summer I will probably be "getting out of the boat" and lean on the LORD. I surely need that healing walk on the water!

Love and hugs,

Caroline Craven said...

I like Sister Susie's comment about a healing walk on the water. Never thought of that before. I have always loved the story of Peter. He takes such a bad rap for losing his focus, his faith, but I often think about the amount of faith it took for him to step out of the boat. We all probably need a healing walk on the water, especially in these times. I am convinced that faith and being prepared is about all that is going to get us through these crazy days and times.