Thursday, March 31, 2011

Party Animals

Every year in March, women of the church celebrate the anniversary of the organization of Relief Society around the world. Relief Society is the oldest and largest women's organization on the earth. This year we had a lovely buffet dinner and the committee asked several women to decorate tables for each month of the year. Then when all the ladies arrived they were to sit at the table that was their birthday month.

Since I was in charge of setting the February table I was there early enough to capture the essence of the tables that the other ladies were doing before it got really crowded. I loved all the tables but I think my favorite, pictured above, was January. Michelle did a beautiful job of making it looks so festive. The centerpiece had a bunch of brightly colored balloons and the black was very dramatic. The Young Women were also invited to the RS Birthday Party so Michelle had her daughter Morgan helping her.

This will I am sure look a little familiar as it it a near replica of the one I did for our dinner party on Valentine's Day for our Family Home Evening Group. These are just clear plates with paper doilies underneath from the cake decorating department of the craft store.

This one for March was really cute too. Heather and Joy worked on this one and it kept getting better and better. It wasn't even done at this point. They did a great job.

This is Lanette's April Table. Love those cute Easter Egg plates and the table top jelly beans were a big hit with the ladies at this table.

This is Donna's May table. It looked so pretty and just perfect for a lovely Mother's Day brunch or something special like that. People with June and August got to sit wherever they wanted as those months were the food tables. We didn't need 12 tables so it worked out just great.

Kathy and her mother-in-law, Darlene, decorated the July table. That was where I got to sit and they did a great job. Darlene and Kathy both do professional floral arrangements so they had a great centerpiece and little terra cotta pots of flowers for each lady to take home at their table.

Cathy got us all back in the mood for a new school year with her September Table. Didn't she have some cute ideas for that?

Marcy had some great October things going on here. Her table was not done when I got by for a photo or two. She added some orange glasses and black plates and it was really darling!

Maureen did a beautiful job on her November Table. Everything looked so classic and inviting I love how she did her place settings. Those brown and white floral dishes are to die for aren't they? And I am sure she made these adorable napkin rings.

Loved this melting snowman!

Tammy and Trisha did the December table. It was all about snowmen and they had some darling ones. It wasn't finished when I got over there so missed the final look. At first I thought oh, I wish I had December...until they reminded me of what it was like to get this stuff out of storage in March. Ahhh, Never mind!

Here are the food tables, June and August
before some of the food was brought out.

The large beautiful Birthday Cake that Heather made.

The intricate detailing on the icing.
Truly beautiful!

The sisters just relaxing and enjoying the evening.

The Young Women sang a pretty song for us!

Diane read us all a beautiful book called
The Parable of the Princesses.

Not a dry eye afterward...highly recommend it
for teaching Choice and Accountability.

We concluded our evening with a closing song and prayer. The song "Sisters in Zion" has become somewhat of an unofficial theme song for Relief Society it seems. It portrays our mission so perfectly! I loved this evening because everyone did a little something and it turned out to be a wonderful concerted effort event enjoyed by all. Jim and two other men ran the nursery for the little ones while the young mommies truly had a Girls' Night out!

While we are in the Birthday mode and looking at pretty tables, look at the one Jen and Piper did for Piper's birthday party. She and her friends had a fancy dinner and then watched a movie. The rest of the family was banished to the downstairs family room while they enjoyed their meal. And the reverse was true when it was time for the movie!

Piper Chose Raclette
a Swiss meal that is wonderful!

This is a family favorite that
Lowell learned of while serving in the
Swiss/Germany Mission for the Church.

Waiting for one more Friend...
Whew, that is for March birthdays!


Nellie's Cozy place said...

Morning Bonnie,
Wow, your ladies dinner looks fabulous. Our church has a Ladies tea every year, and we used to have a christmas dinner, and they have different ladies do each table. What fun it is to go around and see all the creativity. and as the old saying goes, many hands makes the work light. I have done quite a few myself. Not this year tho, cause getting too close to the Wedding and there will be last minute things like favors and stuff to make and I want to be available if she needs me.
That parable of the princess book looks interesting. Bet that is a cute story.
We are having Billy Grahams daughter as our speaker this year.
We have never had anyone that famous before, so it should be really good. Reminds me I had better get my ticket or I want get one, hope I am not too late already. It is one of my fav events every year.
Your ladies all did a fabulous job including you, all the table were delightful, but my fav was the Thanksgiving, Valentines and Christmas! Course, those are my 3 fav holidays too!! lol
A lot of very cute ideas!!

Piper's birthday table was very nice and what a great idea to have her friends over for a grown up dinner with the family neatly tucked away somewhere else, Sweet!!
Bet she loved every minute of her
grown up time!!
I will have to look up that Swedish dish to see what it is. That veggie platter looked mighty good.

Well, Sweet friend, you are a joy blessing to me too!
Have a great weekend,
Blessings, Nellie

Julie Harward said...

What a fun evening that is for all of us. I loved each table..a great idea! Have a good weekend :D

laura.elizabeth said...

Oooo- those are my kind of parties. Wish I could have been there. Your table looked great!!

Marie said...

Bonnie, what a fabulous idea!! I love it. We had our anniversary the other night too. We did an evening on service. Every sister had to bring an example of some service given to her that she had experienced and that had blessed her life. Then we all made little jars to give to a special sister. Love, LOVE Raclette! We have the same machine and we just love bringing it out and treating ourselves and our friends to a lovely meal. It makes an "Occasion" out of a simple meal and company! Love you loads. I do apologize if you got any wonky e-mails from me yesterday. Some idiot compromised my e-mail and spammed all my contacts. It's fixed now! xxoo

Sister Susie said...

My favorite table scapes were February's (the birds) and May with the flowers. Were those paper plates? They were really pretty! The serving line reminds me of our church when we have our dinners. The food looks yummy no matter what serving line there seems to be. I guess that's because you don't have to do all of the cooking yourself, ha!

Love to you all,

Tammy said...

How sweet of you to blog about this lovely activity! Wonderful photos of everything and such kind words about the decorated tables and the program, as well. Thanks for sharing.

My sister will be so happy that you spelled her name right! ;)