Friday, March 11, 2011

Tsunami Hits NorCal After The Quake

Boat at Santa Cruz Harbor

Video Link~ Scroll down to Santa Cruz Damage, it takes a minute to load.

I have been sitting here thinking about the might and fury that natural disasters can bring and how frightening for those involved and those that watch helplessly. My heart is turned to those who have suffered and died because of the earthquake in Japan. My mind boggles at the strength of it and the magnitude. This is one case where the media didn't have to sensationalize to get their story. The videos speak for themselves. Reminders of Katrina, Chili, Haiti flash back to me. Especially Katrina because our kids lived on the Gulf Coast at that time, Chili because Jim's boss was in Santiago for her son's wedding, and now Japan as our nephew and his fiance just returned from a business trip there a short time ago.

When I saw the above video I realized how very small this world is. My sister-in-law's parents and our dear, dear friends live just a few blocks from where this all took place this morning. You can walk to the beach from their house. It is very sad that so much damage was sustained in Santa Cruz, estimated at $14 million. Thankfully no loss of life here, except possibly one man who was trying to take photos and was swept out to sea in another area.

My question is, "Why in the name of heaven do people do that?" Oh and let us not forget the surfers who stayed in the water for the thrill of it all. Really? It is not just CA insanity though, people had their kids out at the beach during Katrina too. I don't understand "cavalier" during such times. On the Gulf some of them did not live to tell about it.

The videos from Japan just brought home to me how very small we are as human beings in the total scheme of things, and how little control we have over things that happen sometimes. And I was completely astonished that it came all the way to our shores in what I think was faster than it takes to fly from Tokyo to SF. I could be wrong on that, with the time difference and whatever, but close enough to make a point.

And as with every natural disaster I hear about, after the shock wears off my thoughts are turned to the innocents. The babies and young children, the elderly and infirmed, the young adults just starting their lives, well, just everyone. I think about the anguish of the people that survived and are trying now to find their loved ones and may never know for sure what happened. In that case closure from death is almost impossible.

I pray that God will somehow comfort everyone who is feeling the impact of this tragedy tonight (which should be most everyone). I wish they all could know and believe that life is eternal. And that instead of turning away from God when they need Him the most, they will turn to Him and seek His peace. I find it very odd that I would write two posts today, both about boats and faith!


Julie Harward said...

I have been watching it all night on the news...I feel so bad for all these people. Every one of these terrible things that happen all over the world, I hear the people crying out to God..for them and for their families. I am so happy our church is always the first ones there to give and to help. God bless them!

Marie said...

Bonnie, a man from our Ward, Koki, had just landed in Japan as the Earthquake hit. His wife and family have not heard from him yet, but that could be because communication systems are down. We are all praying he is ok. It is a small world and becoming increasingly smaller. The signs are all falling into place. I wish more people would pay heed to them and do the things they have to do to be ready. Love you loads. xxoo

Sister Susie said...

Man doesn't realize how fragile he truly is. Even with the hurricanes I have been through while living in the Florida Keys as well as Central Florida, it's amazing how you will push out the horror from your memory. I can't imagine what mankind will experience during the tribulation when things that are happening now will be dull in comparison to the punishment that will come upon the world at that time. I pray many will be brought to salvation from the disasters that are now happening. I'm so thankful to be part of His Kingdom!
Love and hugs,

Caroline Craven said...

Interesting times we live in. I, too, feel like a few puzzle pieces are falling into place, espcially with all the commotion in the middle east. My heart and prayers go out to people who live with and suffer through these disasters of all kinds - personal, national, natural, etc.