Friday, March 4, 2011

Martinez ~ Beyond Jury Duty

Most of the people that live around here have spent some time in Martinez. It is the County Seat and so this is where you go for Jury Duty, to renew business licenses, County records, etc. Rather ho-hum kinda stuff unless you are called as a witness as I once was...very hair raising! Thursday we went to Martinez for our Day Trip. It was very relaxing and fun to get outside on this one gorgeous day this week.

One of our objectives in going to Martinez was to see an Art Gallery where our niece is the Director. Alesha majored in art at UC Davis and has been the curator in various museums over several years. She also studied in France so she has a fine appreciation for art. Her job these days is putting art shows together. She does them around the country and has even done some across The Pond. The new gallery, The Goods, is in the Citrus Salon in Martinez.

I think it is brilliant to have these two
businesses joining fo
What a great way to decorate a salon!

There are some fun, whimsical pieces in the gallery.
Most of the prices are very reasonable.
There is an emphasis on San Francisco art
that we really enjoyed.

This shot is a piece I would really love to own. I think this would be so fun in our dining room. I just adore that tray with the San Francisco skyscape served up like some decadent dessert choices! Which incidentally, is exactly what it is to Jim and me. Gotta get it for sure!

I have to go back or just order it online, even more convenient! I love an element of surprise in a room and this would totally fit the bill. What I like so much about whimsy is it totally takes any stuffiness out of a room and makes it more fun and relaxing. You can find the gallery and online sales here.

This is just a big ole pepper tree
on the street in the downtown area.
We had one in our yard when we first moved in.
Had to cut it down when we built our addition.
We were pretty sad to lose it!
Antiques For Sale
If you are collector of antiques or treasured junque, Martinez is your place. There are many, many antique stores in fact, I'd venture to say you'd be hard pressed to find something contemporary in town.

I use to really enjoying antiquing but I think I lost my love of it while staging homes for sale. I just like a more uncluttered look. A vintage cottage look is fine but less little stuff and less crowding feels good to me now. And I like less muted colors. So I went into a few places but didn't stay long. And didn't buy anything. I feel like our nest is featured, I am in a different place now. Never thought I'd see the day....

Jim spent some time outside on the phone talking with the other grandparents about their time together with the girls while Jen and Lowell are away. The weather was so nice I preferred to be out there myself.

We went to a Thai restaurant called
The Lemongrass Bistro for lunch.

We shared Pad Thai and another dish.
We also brought a doggie box home
to help me stay on program.

Everything was extremely fresh and good.
Had to skip the bakery today too!

The Martinez Museum

All Aboard or All Are Bored?

The station we take Amtrak from if we ever travel by train. It has been several years since we have. Jim is not a fan of the slowness, me either. Sometimes you could get out and walk faster. It was fun though the time we got to go with Laura and Robert and the boys!

We went down to the Martinez Marina
and saw someone flying this kite.

This is my favorite photo of the day.

This weeping willow tree was so drop dead gorgeous and the birds singing out here by the shore were almost deafening. Their chorus was so loud because there were so many. They seemed so happy for the sunny day!

The Marina

This is a haven for ducks and geese.

The bridge.

This photo struck me as just being so linear and flat with the bridge crossing the Carquinez Straights... even the bottoms of the clouds are flat.

We took a little drive up the side
of the mountain to take a look.

We enjoyed our outing and the quality time alone, away from our chores and responsibilities. We discussed upcoming events and Jim took a little snooze at the Marina and I read my book and listened to the birds serenade me. It was one of those days where it was too hot with the windows closed and too cold with them open. Spring is in the wings...a few more weeks of winter......hopefully. My wish for you is to be seeing evidences of it in your neck of the woods too.


Caroline Craven said...

Okay - I've been there, and not for jury duty. Actually Faye and I went antiquing there once and I loved it. I bought some beautiful old hob-nail glass in one of the shops. I also went on a train ride from Martinez to Old Sac. Jenny Nielson and I took our kids. It was a painfully long ride, and yes, I think I could have walked there just as fast. But it was a fun day in Old Sac. Martinez is a cute little town. Reading in the sunshine sounds heavenly to me. We have sun today, but the temps are only in the low 40's here in CV.

laura.elizabeth said...

You make Martinez look good!

Sister Susie said...

I just loved your pictures! I really liked the servant with the sheet music in the back ground.

The weeping willow tree is my favorite too!

Keep those beautiful pictures coming for your friends to see!!

Love and hugs,