Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Blog Search

If you haven't noticed the new gadget feature in blogger~check it out. It is fantastic. You can find it in the customize section to add it to your blog. You can put in any word or word combination and find what you want in a flash.

For those of you that wanted to see my new amber ring...put in "amber ring" in the search box at the top of my side bar and voila...you can see the recently added photos of it.

This is the greatest thing they have done in a long time to improve the navigational features of Blogger. Yay,Google!


Heather said...

ooh thank you so much for telling us about this! i had no idea. what a GREAT feature to have. I know I'm always looking for a specific recipe on my blog and I have to go through each recipe post to find it. Now it will be so much easier!
Hello by the way, lol. I am blogging friends with Nellie and she mentioned your blog on her most recent post. I thought I would come over and meet you.