Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Jim and Bon ~ Do Julie and Julia

Having been influenced by the movie Julie and Julia, Jim and I decided we would try a new recipe each week. We did our first one on Sunday afternoon. This is part of working up our bucket list of things we want to do together in our "twilight years" of retirement someday.

We both do enjoy cooking together so it is going on the list. I love my friend Marie's cooking blog and decided to try this recipe first. Jim and Bon are to Julie as Marie is to Julia! Here are some of the photos I took..clever how Jim did most of the cooking while I was doing a photo shoot..don't you think? He has the knack, that is for sure. The difference between us he is a natural in the kitchen and I am practiced in the kitchen. He says, "food talks to him!" I am not sure I understand that but some of you will. It talks to him the way rooms that need help talk to me.

The chicken was delicious but we did not follow the recipe exactly as our chicken breasts were thick so we pounded them flat. So we should have decreased the cooking time just a little. But none the less, it was very tasty and Marie, thank you for your inspiration! It was great having enough for two dinners!

P.S. We even drank ginger ale in stemware glasses while we cooked in honor of Julia Child!

On a side note I just wanted to tell you that I use my blogs as file cabinets sometimes. I have quite a few going on various subjects that I keep just for myself. You can set your setting so only you can read them. I have one for recipes that I want to try that I see around the blogsphere and Marie has the most recipes in my recipe blog file. She is amazing~check out her blogs!


Nellie's Cozy place said...

Wow Bon Bon,
that looks mighty delicious. Jim did a good job and you did a great photography layout!! Don't you love when the guys cook. Mine only does breakfast but I love it. I am slowly trying to pull him in to other things, cause he does help me chop things and stuff like that.
My dad owned a restaurant and always cooked of course, so I was used to that, and I so miss my Dads cooking, he was a great cook.
and so was my stepmom as well. They are cooking in heaven now I guess!! lol Course, they might want a new job there if they did it there whole life here!
Loved this post it was so cute
and yummy looking. Oh I am not suppose to say yum, am I!
Well, too bad!! lol
Have a good day,
Blessings, Nellie
Got to finish up my hair and get to the grocery store.

Heather said...

it looks delicious! i just watched that movie a couple weeks ago. it was very cute!

Marie said...

Bonnie, I am not sure I deserve your kind words, but will take them anyways! It always pleased me when someone makes one of my recipes and then enjoys it! I love your chef!! Brave man! Todd has not ventured into the kitchen yet at all. He is a great can opener though and a wonderful dish washer! Can you believe that I didn't have the chance to see that film? I know!! I didn't so must wait now for it to come out on DVD or on the telly. Have a great Thursday! xxoo

Caroline Craven said...

Correct me if I am wrong, but doesn't Jim also like to clean the house. How did that happen? Kent only comes into the kitchen to eat and on a few occasions clean up. I do appreciate the times he helps me clean up, although his idea of clean and my idea of clean are on two completely separate planes. I have also requested that he not do the laundry. Good thing he's a talented architect and funny beyond belief!

Caroline Craven said...

P.S. The food looks wonderful as well as the presentation and environment. What a lovely dinner that must have been.

Shaun at Oak Den said...

What a wonderful activity to do together! I also have a husband who loves to cook (Home Ec mother and mission to France have a lot to do with that!) but we don't do a lot of cooking together...yet. I think this is idea is going into my "What We'll Do As Empty Nesters' file. Good idea!