Monday, January 18, 2010

A Simple Woman's Daybook~January 18, 2010

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So, For Today...Monday, January 18, 2010

Outside my is pitch black with promises of rain. But then we had that yesterday and only got a sprinkling.

I am is good to be doing the Daybook again after five weeks furlough while traveling and settling back in to the daily routine. I have missed doing it, it helps me organize my thoughts for the new week.

I am thankful readers that stayed with me through a month of traveling and posts about our trip to Italy. How exciting can someone else's vacation be anyway?

From the learning room..I am learning to SAVOR life's moments and rush less.

I am reading...Vienna Prelude~Excellent so far. It is a novel about pre-World War II life in Vienna.

From the kitchen...Cook's day off...leftover lemon chicken and rice and broccoli for dinner. Leftovers, the joy of cooking for 2!

I am wondering...Do we say twenty ten or thousand and ten when we discuss a date now?

I am wearing...White shirt, bejeweled with a snowflake, blue jeans and socks

I am hearing...The radio in the kitchen and Jim bustling around cleaning up in there. I love having him home, he is such a helpful husband.

I am creating...A blog book about Italy and it is a boatload of work. I am trying to get it done and printed before I teach a blogging class in late February.

I am go walking at the mall this morning and do lots of stairs in memory of Italy the land of a billion stairs!

I am quoting... myself..."the effects of the refiner's fire are rarely wasted."

My spiritual thoughts include...that I am grateful for the very simple basics of my testimony of Jesus Christ. I am glad we are studying them this year in our lessons in Relief Society.

Around the house...things are shaping up but I still have dust, dust, dust. Oh when will the bathroom be done? I am going to dust and clean out our other bathroom closet today.

I am get very organized again in the next few weeks. Why does it always come undone?

I have been procrastinating..Emptying out one of the sheds.

One of my guilty pleasures...going to an afternoon movie alone and enjoying the solitude and movies I know I would have to drag Jim to see.

One of my favorite on one with my husband.

A few plans for the rest of the nights out on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, ordering some tickets for the James Taylor and Carole King show in May in San Jose, finishing my last Italy post and ordering three books of it after the printing. I will also be working on how to teach a 30 minute class on blogging. Yikes. Any ideas of what you would want to learn if you were taking it?

Here is a picture and thought I am sharing with you...

Our granddaughter, Little Hazel...
a child of the new age watching

her signing videos on mommy's iPhone!
I love the placement of the earphones.


Nancy said...

How/where are you printing out your blog? I'm always curious about this subject. Thanks for the trip to Italy! It's been so fun to follow your travels!

storyteller said...

I enjoyed reading your Daybook entries this afternoon. Your granddaughter is adorable ... so focused on what she's doing! How fun to attend Jame Taylor and Carole King shows! I'll have to check to see when they might come to Orange County. I'm not sure what you'd be able to cover in 30 minutes ... I took a 3 hour class about Facebook at our local Adult School and we barely scratched the surface. Good luck with that ...
Hugs and blessings,
Sacred Ruminations

Marie said...

Loved your day book as always Bonnie, and that picture of little Hazie! What a sweetie pie! xxoo