Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Pisa, Chiavari and Tasso

This is a cool photo of the Leaning Tower of Pisa!

I like the above photo because the photographer has straightened it out and it now looks the way it was intended. I don't know why but I had once assumed that the tower leaned because of some natural cause that occurred after it was built. When I learned it was that way from the get -go I found it amusing. Isn't that like so many things we have all done? You start something and it isn't quite right but you keep going in hopes that it will not be that noticeable. After the fact you realize, whoops, I should not have been so lazy. I should have just taken it apart and started over. It teaches a great life lesson, really!

Instead of being straight as they had hoped
it looks like this...

This is a flickr photo as I did not have the
camera this day as Jim had taken it to Chiavari.

From our home base, Camp Darby, Gloria and Jim took the train to Chiavari which is just south of Genova. Robert and the boys spent the day on the base just relaxing, playing, watching movies and having fun. Laura and I went into Pisa to have lunch, do some fun shopping and spend a few hours alone together. Everyone had a fun day doing what they wanted to do.

Laura and I were on a quest to find my Christmas present from Jim~an amber ring. We love it when our guys let us pick out something that we like for special occasions~they love it too. A win~win for everyone. She had remembered that Pisa had a great selection so off we went. I found a really neat one in about 10 minutes so that was fantastic.

Of course it is much prettier in person~
How do people photograph rings anyway?
I must have about 12 shots..none very good.

Jim took this one.
You get the idea anyway!

We loved shopping around and looking at the scarves and leather bags and all the fun things Pisa is known for. We did pick up a few things but the ring was the big find of the day. I have been wanting to get an amber ring for years and years because I like to wear colors that go with it and finally I have the perfect one and it will always remind me of this great time in Italy. We had lunch in a cute little cafe, why is everything so tasty in Italy?? I think it has everything to do with garlic. All too soon we were heading back to the base to do the grocery shopping for the days we were there.

Jim and Gloria had a really exceptional time in Chiavari. This is the town when she was born 83 years ago and had never returned to until this trip. We made arrangements for them to travel there by train and then spend the night. A cousin had given them a contact name for a relative in Tasso and with the help of God and a lot of gesturing and sign language they were able to make a phone connection with this lady named Wilma who is married to a Ferrera. As it turned out Tasso was not a town but rather a spot in the country in the mountains near Chiavari. We knew this is where Jim's grandfather was born and raised.

Gloria at the train station in her home town~Chaivari, Italy

Gloria near the harbor where she was born on the
Mediterranean Sea

Before dinner they browsed through the shops
as the restaurant didn't start seating until 8:30 pm.

Gloria's mom was from Chaivari and she knows she was born in a house somewhere in that town but that is all. They decided to follow the lead on Grampa's side and it was very fruitful. They stayed in a little hotel in Chaivari had a great dinner at a restaurant named Monte Rosa recommended by Gloria's cousins. Since we had made plans to meet them in Cinque Terra the next morning, they decided that the following day (Dec 31st) they would rent a car and go back to Chaivari/Tasso and try to find the old farm house of Grampa Ferrera. More on that later!

Since Jim and Gloria were spending the night in Chiavari, I decided to have a sleep over with Spencer and Ross coming to my room. That way we could have dinner together and Laura and Robert could go on a date to Pisa. I made mac and cheese for the boys and we watched kid videos and we had a very fun time together while mom and dad took a break! Ross decided 3 in the bed would be too crowded so he slept in Grandma Gloria's bed. They were as good as gold! Oh, how I do adore our boys!


Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Again,
Oh, that must be so exciting for your Mother-in-law to be back there after 83 yrs. Did anything look the same to her??? I know it is possible cause things over there don't change quite like they do here. Can't wait to hear what else they discover.
That was a great idea to wait and get your ring there and get to pick it out too. What a great rememberance for a Wonderful trip.
Good idea! It only makes perfect sense to wait too cause any guy knows we are gonna want to shop for something!!!! who cares what it is!! right!! lol
We are having freezing temps here for a week, that is highly unusual for us. We might get a day or two. My hubby says it must be all that global warming!! lol
I think he is right!!
We think the Lord has such a great sense of humor because every since that Global Warming conference it has done nothing but snow all over the place. How Hysterical!!
Vermont got 33" yesterday. Can you even imagine???
Glad it is them and not us!
Well, you keep having fun and try and stay warm, cause we are tyring too!!
Love ya, Nellie

BECKY said...

Wow!! Wow!! and WOW!! Bon these photos are just to die for!! Oops just a second...got a little drool to wipe up...Hee hee!!

Oh how I wish I was there with you!! It makes my heart just yearn gal!!

So glad that all is well and that you are having a fantastic visit...one you'll treasure always!

I love that you got your ring there!! How marvelous is that??!! I know you simply adore it and can't wait to see a pic!! I love amber, too. I had a gorgeous amber ring years ago and tragically lost it. Never got another one.

Love and hugs to you!! Pray for us freezin' folks down here in Florida!! Lots of produce could be ruined!

LA Adams said...

Europe is just a great place to warm the heart! I had to laugh at your great commentary on the leaning tower. While vacationing a few years back my sister watched as they installed supports and hydraulics to make sure the tower had exactly the right lean and was stable.

Sally said...

OK, I want to see your ring! :)