Friday, January 15, 2010

Home School, Grampa Style!

Spencer pondering the problem

Most of you know that Jim is a teacher and that he works with boys from 12-18 at a boys' ranch. He teaches literature and wood shop. So it was only natural that when Laura and Robert were away in Gaeta, Grampa should be the teacher for the day. Grampa devised this project for Spencer.

We had noticed that their kitchen garbage pail needed a little attention as the lid which was to open when stepping on the little foot pedal was not doing its thing properly. So Grampa had Spencer take it to the garage and solve the problem.

He was to figure out how to fix it with Grandpa's coaching, fix it, photograph his tools and then write a report about the project. It was kind of a lofty goal for one school day but Spencer did it with flying colors. And the report was typed, several pages long and very comprehensive. Mom and Dad were pleased on many levels with this home schooling project.

Spencer's photography of some of the tools he used.

Never attempt any repair without Duct Tape!

Grampa's stocking stuffer comes in handy right away!

After several hours of analyzing,
planning and hard work~Voila!

I just love that home school provides so many
enriching and practical experiences that are also fun.
These things along with a strong emphasis
in academics prepare for a future of success.

I admire Laura for doing the lion's share of this and Robert for being a continual teacher to the boys as well. And when Grampa can get in on it for a day...what's not to love? Spencer found his biggest frustration with the slowness of a person trying to learn to type. I tried to help him but at that point he was pretty tired and needed a recess. My measly contribution..."Practice makes perfect, Spence, keep at it a little everyday." Brilliant , huh?


Caroline Craven said...

I absolutely love Spencer's face in the last photo - it says it all! That is the face of a boy that stuck with a difficult project and succeeded. Just love it! What a wonderful opportunity. I home-schooled Regan for a couple of years and wish I would have been more successful at it. I can see how it can be such a successful investment. Learning in a nurturing home is the best.