Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sharing Some Cuteness From The Home Front

Catch up photos from the holidays in Utah! Sorry we missed it guys, maybe this year the whole family can be together again for the first time since 2006! That is our hope anyway!

Owen sledding off the deck!

Aynslee enjoying her skates

Zachy and his new Webkins Draggy

Owen getting into Christmas this year!

Chris and Ayn~Christmas morning.
Nice Jammies, Chris!

ChrisMissy aren't they?

Polar Express ride

Julia Mae in her new hat Mom
brought her from Venice!

In case you missed this photo yesterday!

Snow Bunnies, Piper and Julia at Ski School.

Chloe made you a purple hot dog for lunch!

Hazie being 2 on her hot rod Grampa,
Daddy and Uncle Chris made!

Happy New Year from the hotel!
WooHoo, happy New Year!

Piper, such a sweetheart!

Chloe lost her first tooth on New Year's Eve!
Hello...she is 4 and a half.

Connor and his choir teacher

Cute photo of Connor, Anyslee, Zach and Owen


Nellie's Cozy place said...

Morning Bon,
Was so glad to see you found your award. So glad you were so pleased,
cause you are so special to me.
Those are just the most adorable photos of all those sweet grandcuties. How is Hazie's wheels working out?? Looks like she was having a ball getting into that drawer. I loved the pic of Chris and Missy, I didn't get it at first, I thought you were running their names together cause they were so much one, then I thought Duh Christmasy!! How funny the mind works!!
So you liked my plate story huh!
I thought Lord this seem a lil juvenile but yet, I really felt he gave it to me. Then later my sister-in-law wrote and said you know I think my kindergartens could relate to this cause we talk to them about individuality and would love this story!! Care if I read it to them. I died laughing
and thought yea, guess I was right about the juvenility of it! lol
Hope you have a really great day,
Blessings, Nellie

Shaun at Oak Den said...

You have such a beautiful family. It looks like there was a ton of holiday fun for everyone!