Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Cinque Terra

One place high on the tourtista list is Cinque Terra. Last time we missed it so we went this time. Cinque Terra is a series of little villages, five to be exact. The area is right on the coast overlooking the Mediterranean and is the essence of picturesque. No cars are allowed unless you are a local resident. If you travel between the little villages, you walk or take the train. There are about ten minutes by train between them so it is easily walkable on a good day if you are so inclined.

Each little village along the railway is unique and features the varied interests, products and customs of the residents past and present. One thing that Cinque Terra needs to be seen at its best is sunshine. Unfortunately, it was sorely lacking the day we went. The weather has been less than desirable for most of the month but I think we noticed it most in Cinque Terra. Every photos one sees of Cinque Terra it looks something like the photos above. But even with cloud cover and rain and no bathing beauties on the beach, it was delightful. People over here are outside rain or shine...you just pop up your umbrella and off you go. I think it does keep some tourists inside though. So the advantage is there are no crowds. Jim and I really don't mind traveling in the rain or cold weather as neither of us like being hot and sticky or waiting in big lines for everything we want to do.

Vernazza is city #4 and our favorite. We met Jim and Gloria there on their return by train from Chiavari at around noon so we didn't have as much time in Cinque Terra as we would have liked. But we spent a few delightful hours just strolling around, enjoying the magnificent views and being quite happy that in spite of the incessant rain it wasn't cold or windy. Here are some photos:

The Cliffs and some of the railway track.
They have made Cinque Terra very negotiable
and visitor friendly with lots of nice walkways, etc.

The hillsides

One of the beaches where Spencer
and Ross found plenty to keep them entertained.
They bring in a lot of sand for the summer
sun worshipers that spend time here.

The Good Life is everywhere in Italy
and yet they struggle with so much.
The Irony of it all!

Where else can pink houses look so cool?

Spence by the fun boats!

Us walking through the shopping area.
We got Laura's birthday present here.
It is a beautiful red coral ring.
She will be 32 on January 30th.

Even when they could make more money
~everyone closes for Riposo!

But Laura and Robert found other
things to keep them occupied!

We found this open chapel just before we left
to go back on the train.
We lit a candle for Baby Hazel here.
It seemed appropriate!

Our local newspaper publishes photos of people traveling
the world with the front paper of the paper.
Jim's mom carried this around for weeks
to get a photo of a four generation family vacation!
If they don't publish ours~you can see it here!

To all our beach loving family (Uncle Tom and Aunt Jean, Gar, Mar, and Bob and Beth, Tracey) and our friends in Florida (Becky and Nellie...this place is for you!)


Marie said...

My friend Nicole went to that pretty area last year, in the sunshine too! How beautiful. I am enjoying our visit right along with you! Thanks so much. You are having a fabulous time it seems! It's terribly cold here with lots of snow!

mandy* said...

What a great idea to carry around the CCTimes!! Please post when they publish your pic. (I'm sure they will.)

P.S. I want a picture of your new ring!! Please??

LA Adams said...

Ah fantastic photos!!! You make it feel like we are really there. I love the city right up to the ocean cliffs and the European buildings climbing right up by each other. Good job - Thanks

Caroline Craven said...

Thanks for taking the time to post your travels. I love what I see. There were tons of pink houses in Eucador (where I served my mission) and blue ones too, but somehow they didn't look as cool as the ones in Italy. How can that be!

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Bonnie,
Got out of bed about 2 something cause I just couldn't sleep for some reason, probably that pumpkin pie I ate late! lol
So have been reading in our Sunday School book, then decided to check my blog before I went back to bed,
and there you were! How exciting for me, I have really missed you too, and am so glad you are back.
You always have a nice case of jetlag after those long trips, goes with the territory unfortunately. I was so surprised cause I was just looking at the calendar today and thinking you wouldn't be coming home till the Jan. 12th I thought it was. So what a nice surprise!
Yea, I was so shocked to see Becky had blogged already, she is truly amazing!! Can't believe how quickly it all happened and that she is home. So glad she is okay.
Thanks for the sweet compliment on my new picture, thought it was time for a new one since I was changing some other stuff.
Bet it is good to be home after being gone soooo long. I am sure it was hard to leave Laura and the grandchildren, but time makes you ready too! There is no place like home, and I think it gets worse with age!! lol
I loved Julie and Julia, it was such a delightful movie, and I too,
love Meryl Streep she did a wonderful job playing Julia Child,
she sounded just like her. It was so amazing. What a neat lady Julia child was too!
Hubby liked it okay, not as thrilled with it as I was, but that's okay, I watched artificial intelligence with him and Scott
this week, it wasn't my cup of tea either. Had a really hard time watching this adorable child go thru so much even if he was suppose to be a robot.
Well, going back to bed cause it is
now 4:32 to be exact, and gotta get up for church in a few hours.
It was 27 degrees when we went to bed. Gonna be a cold morning, suppose to be a high of 44 I think.
Can't believe we have been at freezing temps this long. Very amazing for Florida. Must be all
that global warming, for sure!! lol
Well, have a great Sunday sweet pea.
Love and Blessings, Nellie