Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hazel's in the Hospital

Hazie taking Chloe for a ride
when she was feeling better!

I just received word from Jen that Little Hazie is having some difficulty breathing and has been admitted to the hospital. She has had a cold and one of her breathing issues is an inability to really cough as due to her scoliosis, her spine is pressing on one of her lungs. She then needs to have her lungs evacuated, etc. So her oxygen saturation is pretty low so that is why they are at the hospital, plus she has a fever!

It's a Bummer but here's a few
teddy bears for you Hazie!

She is just little and doesn't understand and doesn't want that oxygen thing on her face which adds to the potential problem. So they will be at the hospital until she gets better. So any of your prayers on her behalf would be so appreciated. Thanks you so much from the bottom of our hearts.

And here's some roses for Mommy~she need them too!

Hazie has done really well for quite awhile!
Thank goodness she can go to the hospital
when she needs to get a tune up!


Heather said...

aww, poor baby. Praying for Hazie, mommy and everyone in the family.

LA Adams said...

Definitely our prayers are with you and your family - especially Hazie.

Deanna and Christian said...

She is in our prayers. What a sweet heart. We are thinking of ALL of you!!
Love you guys.

Shaun at Oak Den said...

Oh gosh, not fun. I send my prayers your family's way.

xo Shaun

Marie said...

I am keeping them in my prayers Bonnie. How very worriesome. Keep us posted!!! xxoo

Nellie's Cozy place said...

So sorry to hear Hazie is in the hospital. Poor Jen, I know that has to be so hard. Know we will sure be praying for her.
Poor Bonnie too! I know you wish you were there! Hard to know your children and grandchildren are having a rough time and not be there for them. Course, we know who can be there and is!! Thank you Jesus!!
Love and Hugs Bon Bon,

Caroline Craven said...

So Sorry to hear that Hazie is in the hospital. This nasty inversion we are plagued with along the Wasatch Front doesn't help one bit. We have a family in our ward with 5 children, 3 of whom have severe asthma. They were so bad, their mom was taking them to the hospital every week for steroid treatments so I gave them a bottle of eucalyptus oil to add to their humidifier. I did this about a month or so ago. I asked her last week how her kids were doing and she was amazed b/c she hasn't taken them to the hospital once since she started using the eucalyptus oil. It is amazing for lungs and any and all respiratory conditions. It is also safe to use. Jen can put 3-4 drops of eucalyptus oil in the humidifier every night and it will help Hazie keep her lungs clear. Please call me if you have any questions and I also have some very high quality oils that I use. I can easily get some to Jen if she wants to try it. (435) 752-0826. In the meantime, I will keep Hazie and all her family in my prayers.

Faye said...

I'm hoping she gets feeling better soon. This poor little darling has had to deal with so much.