Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My New Blog

Cinque Terra, Italy

I mentioned the other day that I love using my blogs as a special place to keep certain information, important events and photos. I have done just that with our entire Italy trip and will soon be having it published. I have rearranged the posts so they now flow in chronological order from the oldest to the newest for the trip we have just returned from a few weeks ago. I also included some posts of our first trip to Italy in March 2008 at the end.

I did this in an attempt to make the printing of the book easier and also the readability increases if shown sequentially. It has helped us to get a better sense of the trip as a big picture and that was a fun experience and almost feels like reliving it.

I have chosen to have it published by first having an editable file made by Brent Riggs. Then the book will be published by Lulu.com. I have chosen Brent because I think he is an excellent teacher about blogging and he offers this service here. I keep his blog on my blogroll on the sidebar of my blog to see all his updates.

I chose Brent also because of his formatting. I had originally thought about going with Blurb.com but I have seen some of their books and they have a lot of white empty spaces in their pages and they also reduce the photo sizes substantially which somewhat defeats the purpose of publishing your work. So I am going with Brent. Just thought you'd want to know since so many of you asked me about it.


Caroline Craven said...

Thanks for the tip Bonnie. I went to the website and learned much. I will go back to it when I have more time as I found a ton of stuff I wanted to learn more about. Thanks!!!

mandy* said...

I've never been to Lulu.com. I am using Blurb and I want to shoot my computer every time I work on my book. It's giving me trouble. I'll check out Lulu.