Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Heading to Aviano and Nove in the Veneto

Aviano is the most northern town on the trip schedule and we planned to stay three nights at the Air Force Base. We left Verona a little before dusk with a little trepidation as it was very cold and the farther north we went the bigger chance we had of running into snow and ice. Fortunately our prayers were answered and we were fine. We pulled in after dark after a bit of a wild goose chase around the base. Our GPS got a little muddled and it was comical really. We could drive around and around the base but could not find the entrance gate. Look Kids, It's Big Ben Uncle Sam!

You can see a little piece of my Italy shirt ~ Laura fell in love.
She wanted one so badly but I got it in Utah. Go Figure!
I left
it for her at the end of the trip.
Maybe with the help of a v
ery hot dryer it will
shrink to fit her cute
It was meant to be hers.

{Sorry off track, way too long caption!}

Anyway, once inside the gate we were so happy with the accommodations there. Talk about a beautiful base. I love how the military branches share their facilities. Sometimes when you have been traveling for a while it is a bit like coming home to the USA when you arrive. We had two apartments and they were so comfortable and nice.

Can you believe this kitchen?

We were pretty exhausted from our day in Verona, the drive and unpacking everything again so we all hit the hay and had a good night's sleep. But first we went to a wonderful Italian restaurant and had the best dinner!

Jim's mom sporting a new knitted hat
she bought in Verona!

Yes, that is plain, ole, naked spaghetti
Rossie is eating!
Kids are too funny.
The calamari fritti was much b

The next day was a play day for Robert and the boys on the base and Laura, Jim, Gloria and I had plans to go to Nove, the pottery and ceramic hot spot in all of Italy. When we woke up and looked outside it was no surprise that it was rainy. Heavenly days, does it ever stop raining in December? Coming from our drought-ridden California, I was beginning to think it was time to build an arc until I remembered the promise of a rainbow. Whew!

Anyway, off we went with the idea it wasn't very far. Two and a half hours later we had arrived. Here are some of the beautiful scenic views along the way and we actually ran into big patches of blue skies. We rejoiced! Light and warmth made all the difference!

Here are some car shots.
We got off to an early start!

So Quaint!

No idea what this was but found
the gated "yard" pretty cool!

Now this is GREEN!

Even ordinary things look
great in this landscape!

Nove was just great. This is where the scale was tipped and we needed to consider shipping some stuff home. The clothes we brought could fit, the Christmas gifts could fit, the small things we purchased could fit, the tour books of favorite places, yep, but the gorgeous salad bowl I bought and another smaller orange bowl for our kitchen, umm, no way!

The pottery here and the prices were beyond unbelievable. Think of the most gorgeous, large, all white salad bowl with raised impressions of garlic bulbs, scallions, tomatoes, rosemary, etc. around the edge. Think Pottery Barn where they send them and then think...10 euro! A no brainer! Sold to the California girl! I would have needed a cargo container to bring back all the gifts I wanted to bring for each of you! If you ever go to Italy...do not miss this place!

The Bowl!

As With Most Things~The Beauty is in the Details!

The pottery is made right there in the town and Jim enjoyed taking some photos. There are about 12 factories and the production areas are downstairs and the showrooms are upstairs. Keeping in mind that shopping is not his forte, I'm glad he found something to do that was fun for him since he was in the car 5 hours to get to and from Nove!

Our girl, in the red coat, perusing the finished products.
This place is huge and the selection overwhelming!
We managed nicely though! :-)


Nellie's Cozy place said...

Morning Bonnie,
Oh how I would love that place.
I just love dishes and especially white dishes. That is an absolutely beautiful bowl, also
the platter and dish you got for
the that couple who had you for dinners was gorgeous too! Don't know what it is about stuff like that but I just love love love it!
so nice that you can get accomodations like that on base.
Huge kitchen!
Looks like a neat lil town. Don't you just love all those hillside towns and lil brooks and stuff like that, we so enjoyed all that in Germany. Just like another world. Wow, that was green grass for this time of year especially.
I remember when we got to Germany it was just 5 days before Christmas and I just about died when I saw how drab and ugly it was. Course, it was the dead of winter but the building are all brown and grey no pretty colors,
no flowers, no green grass nothing,
but then spring...........loved that I could buy fresh flowers all the time so inexpensively! Daffodils, irises, tulips, so wonderful! and then there are window boxes in the spring with flowers.... looks so different.
Thank God!!
Have a great day hon,
Blessings, Nellie