Monday, January 11, 2010

Buon Anno In Tuscany

What does one do to celebrate the New Year in Tuscany?
Ahhh, apparently not too much.

Pisa Night Life

Laura and I found ourselves at the laundermat on the base as the sun went down on the 31st, doing four gigantic loads of laundry. The funny part was it was so crowded in the large room we had to stand in line for the washers and the dryers. We made the comment that it seemed we all needed to 'get a life' and everyone had a good laugh over it.

Once we finally finished with the clothes we went home to our hotel rooms and made nachos for dinner. The rooms that we had had kitchenettes and that was perfect as we needed to cook most of the meals to avoid the soy and/or possible peanut contamination for Spencer. The problem we ran into was that the hot plates they use to have had been removed from the rooms, for some unknown reason and only microwaves were available.

So nachos it was and we all loved that, especially the kids. We ate dinner in their room and set up treats and games and movies in our room right next door, so we made a progressive New Year's Eve party out of it.


We had a fun time playing the new Uno Attack game that randomly spits cards at you and it was pretty funny and lots of fun too. We moved the clock up about three hours, toasted in the New Year with ginger ale, hugs and kisses and the boys were off to sleep at "midnight" as happy as clams.

Ginger Ale!
Cheers to the New as they say in Scotland!

Buon Anno Tutti, as they say here!

The adults stayed in our room for a few more hours and watched some movies set in Italy for the remainder of the evening. I don't think a single one of us was awake at midnight, in fact, I think the whole base was asleep. We did not hear a single group whooping it up, not a single fire cracker, no pot banging....nothing. It was perfect. We loved spending a quiet, simple evening on our four-generation, family vacation, get away!

Packing up~Saying good-bye to Camp Darby

We had a second good laugh the next morning thinking we truly did need to 'get a life!' We packed up and headed north in search of one! Next stop~Verona! Oh my goodness....the good life awaited us there! La Dolce Vita! Happy New Year, indeed! 2010 is looking good so far!

Happy New Year!

Hope yours will be great!


LA Adams said...

Sounds like a very nice cozy place. Our family loves games too but the object is usually to beat Jeffrey and/or Matthew as they are great strategist so ganging up is an important defense.