Thursday, January 28, 2010

Love Is In The Air

I always it when Laura's birthday is approaching. Not only because I her with all my but because it is the one exciting thing that happens in January for me. It seems like it can be such a dull month after the frenzy of the holidays. January always seems to be somewhat boring and dreary, but Saturday is Laura's 32nd birthday and for me it marks the end of this sunless month and the beginning of the Valentine's Day celebration. And then right behind that I can almost see spring. Can you? I February here in California because it is when the trees start to blossom, the hills are velvety green, and there seems to be much to look forward to in the coming months.

I think it is fun to think of non-materialistic ways to show people that we them. Here is one idea that I got from Laura that I think is so sweet and that can lift the spirits of those in your family during the next few weeks.

Get yourself a heart of some kind. Laura's is a stone, painted about the size of the palm of your hand. Mine is a little smaller and painted red. Each night you just tuck it under someone's pillow or place it in their bed so they will see it when they are opening their bed and getting in for the night. Of course it works best if you have a few people living in your house but it is still nice even if there are only two.

While we were visiting Laura and Robert each of us got it many times. When you receive it you pass it on to someone else the next night. This can quickly become a tradition that goes on indefinitely. Isn't that a sweet way to say I love you to your favorite people? I plan to keep the one we have handy for when we have overnight guests and I think it would be a really fun thing to do when your grandkids come to visit.

If you can find a shaped stone you can just paint it red. If you want to make a little puff heart that works too. You can even use a paper creative. What ways have you found to share your ? I am giving one to a friend celebrating a birthday today. She will find it tucked in along with her birthday present. Happy Birthday, Faye! We you!

Here's one for the rest of you!


BECKY said...

Hi Bon! I love this idea. And guess what? I have a little red heart, too that I bought in a favorite shop in Mt. Dora because it made me think of my Mom. She LOVED hearts, and so do I! Mine is very heavy...iron I think and painted red. I keep it on the kitchen bar so I can see it all the time. It's about 1" by 1 1/2" and brings me lots of JOY!!

Now I want to know how to do the hearts in the text! Or is that a "Mac" thing??

Hope your day is lovely, my dear friend. I do treasure you so!!

Bonnie said...

Hi Becky! I am glad you liked this fun idea. Making the hearts for you blog is very easy. it is an html thing not a Mac thing so it shoud work jsut fine for you. Where you want the heart you simply type:

& h e a r t s ; with no spaces in between. It will not change into a heart until you publish it or preview it. When you want to make a red heart just highlight and go to your tool bar and make it red or any other color. I also make mine a little bigger than normal.

Do note though that you cannot bold the html code and get a heart. If I want my whole sentence in bold just don't bold the ♥ part. Have fun making them! Love, Bon

Bonnie said...

P.S. This only seems to work on blogs and Facebook. Enjoy!

Caroline Craven said...

Love the idea of a little floating heart. I am going to try a few hearts in my blog too. I hope I can do it. Thanks for the fun ideas!

Faye said...

Bonnie - I just opened my new birthday heart and read your blog as instructed. I love the idea of hearting your guests when they stay with you. Very fun! It will be perfect next month when we have 16 people here :) Thanks for thinking of me - you are a wonderful friend - who also has a million great ideas. Thanks for the inspiration once again!

Marie said...

I ♥ this post!