Friday, September 17, 2010

20 Things I Love About Autumn

  1. The color: PUMPKIN
  2. Excited grandchildren that love picking out their own pumpkins.
  3. Carmelized Apple Cider From Starbuck's.
  4. Local Fall-Fest activities
  5. Dried, salted pumpkin seeds
  6. Nesting
  7. Bringing out the cozy blankets and throws
  8. Watching movies near the fireplace with Jim
  9. The anticipation of the entire Holiday Season
  10. Crockpot cooking
  11. Candles and candy corn
  12. The crackle of leaves beneath my feet
  13. The smell of fireplaces burning in cozy homes
  14. Goards and other seasonal decorative items
  15. Carving Jack-O-Lanterns with the kids
  16. Not having to dream up costumes anymore!
  17. Pumpkin bread
  18. Corn stalks and hay bales
  19. Scarecrows
  20. Red, gold and yellow leaves on and off the trees
I also love all the fun photos of the kids playing and having fun this time of the year. Isn't it sad that we don't do this kind of stuff when we grow up? Maybe we all should in a few weeks when the leaves are deep on the ground and it is cool and crispy out. Thanks for the idea, Zachary!


Nellie's Cozy place said...

Morning Bonnie,
Loved your list. I love pumpkins and pumpkin pie (sorry you can't have it,
maybe you should try it without the crust, cause most of the oils are in the crust!! Just a thought.
I also love decorating for fall, and just the cozy feel of the warmth those colors evoke, I too, love the anticipation of all the holidays to come and the nostalgia it brings to me for some reason.
I also love going to Cracker Barrel this time of year cause it has just always been a Fall event for our family, cause they feature special Fall foods, and we enjoy the gift shop so much, and sometimes find Christmas gifts there or buy yankee candles sometimes.

I am sending you an email about what you said about your business closing. I started writing it here
and it was long and thought maybe it would be better to send an email anyway!!

Love that pic of Zachary in those leaves, that is just too adorable.
We used to grab them and throw them in the air and let them fall on us!! lol

Have a great day hon, you have lots to look forward to in the next weeks, sounds like a fun time!!
Praying for your Jim, sure hope he gets to feeling better soon, so he can really enjoy your trip. Guess the trip to the chiropractor didn't help any!! Sorry!!
Take Care Sweet Girl,
Love ya, Nellie
Make sure to check your email girly.

LA Adams said...

Nice, very nice! Good list!

Marie said...

Great list Bonnie. Some of your loves are loves of mine as well! I do miss the autumn colours over here. The leaves do change and fall, but not with the vibrant colours of Eastern Canada, which is what I grew up with. You will get a beautiful taste of that on your Eastern Trip! I never liked pumpkin pie when I was a child, but I love it now. Funny how that goes . . . or maybe not so funny! I like lots of things now that I didn't like then and vice versa! Love and hugs. xxoo

PS Could you e-mail me the date you will be back so that I will be sure to send your print on time? Thanks¬!