Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Simple Woman's Daybook~September 29, 2010

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So, For Today...Wednesday, September 29, 2010...

Outside my daughter's Rhode Island, a very beautiful, quiet place. Honestly, I've never thought about RI one way or the other much, and this is a fabulous new discovery for us. We have had a relaxing day and a fun day all rolled into one. We just relaxed while the boys had school this morning and then we went to The Breakers Mansion in Newport this afternoon. It was great and way too opulent and wasteful, decadent and amazing to see. Who covers their library walls with gilded leather imported from Europe? Who needs 138,000 square feet and 70 rooms in their summer home? Apparently, the Vanderbilts did!

I am thinking...It would be so nice to live in an area where it was safe to leave your doors and windows open to catch a gentle breeze when you are gone or sleeping, it would be nice to be waved to by everyone you pass on the road as your drive about, it would be great not to see any weirdos anywhere, to step back in time to a more gentle, simple life. That is what they have here.

I am thankful for...God given opportunities to broaden our horizons and learn about new places by actually experiencing them. I am thankful for our children that have given us these opportunities on a silver platter.

I am reading... The Help, The Hormone Diet, and Can You Keep a Secret? How's that for variety?

I am wondering...if we will have great weather next week for our car trip to the other New England states?

I am hearing...The dishwasher, Ross chattering (surprise, surprise), chessboard pieces being moved by Jim and Ross. Jim is hoping to win. Ross can skunk most people at chess. He has the vision of several moves ahead. I think he'd be a card counter in Vegas!

I am quoting...Zachary, age 6. "Gramma, why are you wearing men's shoes?" Me, much older.."Why Zach, these are not men's shoes, they are designer orthopedics!" Zach, "Whew, I'm really glad!

I am missing...Michelle and Amy at our house tonight celebrating the upcoming wedding of Amy this week. Lanette is giving Amy a shower there so tonight I am missing all my best girls!

I am hoping...Hazie is enjoying her first week of pre-school. That's 0 for 8 at home all day with their mommies...and 2 home schoolers.

Pet Peeves...Dealing with this new laptop. There is something wrong with it, not sure what but it is hard to use. I think it has to do with not having Microsoft Office downloaded yet.

One of my favorite things...Being here with these kids we don't get to see very often.

One of my guilty on one time with our kids.

An enjoyable movie I have watched lately...Perfect Harmony

I am curious about...the neighbors here who have little six inch pennant flags on stakes every few feet denoting where a fence should be, but isn't. A lot cheaper and smarter than paying for a big fence. No?

A few plans for the rest of the week...Going to Boston, maybe Nantucket, getting ready for the car trip and then up to Maine. Next week, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut and Massachusetts.

A picture and thought I am sharing with you...

Flowers to make me feel better

I am feeling extremely frustrated right now as I have over 200 pictures uploaded into this laptop and sorted in Picasa. When I upload them and then look in the library I cannot find a simple tab called edit...hello. This is my 1200th post on this blog alone and I don't think I am a novice on the computer but I am feeling pretty non-propellerhead-ish right now.

Where do I go to edit. I have asked a dozen PCers and no one seems to know??? This post has taken way too long trying to figure it all out. Sorry I am grumpy...I think I'll hibernate here in RI. Love you, thanks for stopping by.


Marie said...

Love you daybook as always Bonnie. How wonderful that you are now with your family and enjoying every moment I am sure! Have never been to Rhode Island, although I have been all around that area! One day perhaps. I am looking foward to seeing pictures and impressions you gain during your New England autumn holiday! xxoo

Sister Susie said...

WINDOW...there' a cool overcast with a soft mist in the air. cool the nights have been compared with a few weeks ago. It would be neat to have an observation deck on the roof to fall asleep under the stars.
THANKFUL...for a couple of days off from school to recooperate from a sinus and bronchial infection!
READING...Erwin W. Lutzer's "One Minute After You Die"
WONDERING...How the substitute is doing with my class.
HEARING...Xena snoring under my computer desk. Don't ask me how a Bullmastiff can fit under there, but she does, with her head on my feet!
MISSING...My little "Rug Rats" from school.
HOPING...They don't exploit the substitute!
PET PEEVES...I have the same problem! I just downloaded an upgrade and now when my fingers get to "flying across the keys," I look back to see letters and words that didn't print on the screen! (No, I'm not poor at typing, ha!)
FAVORITES...being in a quiet atmosphere after a noisy day at school.
PLEASURES..."Hiding" away from the world. I love solitude. I guess I should have been a nun, ha!
MOVIE...I rarily watch movies that much.
CURIOUS...If I should retire now, then worry when or if I reach 70.
REST OF WEEK...Relax, get better, get well, then go back to get re-infected again, ha!
Blessings to you and yours,

Caroline Craven said...

New England in Autumn. What could be better. It is so beautiful there. I had no idea Amy was getting married. Good for her. Have fun back there in New England and enjoy all the beautiful sights.

Dorothy said...

I was looking forward to hearing about New England but your comments about life on a military base brought on a wave of nostalgia.

We were an Air Force family for 30 years and I fondly remember how life came to a halt at 5pm when the flag was lowered and taps were played over a sound system. I loved that we stood while the National Anthem was played at the base theater before the movie began. I hadn't thought about the fact that there were no "weirdos", until you mentioned it.

It didn't matter if we lived on base or off base, we always felt part of that military family. Whenever I go to Hill AFB, I feel like I have come home and these are "my people".

How great that you have Laura and Robert and grandsons living in many different places where you can enjoy visiting them and learn about their new area!

Have a wonderful visit together!

Sara said...

I am glad yall are having a wonderful time! Can't wait to see your pictures...sorry I don't know about Picasa to help you out!