Monday, September 13, 2010

A Simple Woman's Daybook ~ September 13, 2010

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So, For Today...Monday, September 13, 2010

Outside my is dark out, Jim is gone to the Temple to work a bit and then he is heading to his chiropractic appointment to see if they can help his hip pain any. Sure hope so. He does seem to be getting slightly better but not fast enough for his liking.

I am thinking...that even though I feel tired I cannot possibly be, as I have gotten a lot of sleep in the past 24 hours.

I am thankful actual plan for our trip (thanks to Laura) finally being in place. We can fine tune it now but at least we have some reservations for the portion of the trip that we will be staying outside Rhode Island. I am thankful the states are relatively small and we can see a lot of fun and interesting things without driving countless hours.

From the learning room...wishing doesn't make it so.

I am reading...The Book Thief with The Help waiting in the wings.

I am wondering...if Jim and I will go on a little outing on Thursday. It will all depend on if he is feeling better. He wants to but we'll see. He is finished with his mom's bathroom so he wants to go play a little.

I am hearing...just the clicking of my keyboard and a small plane overhead. (who gets up at 5:45 am to go flying around in a small aircraft in the dark?) I heard a quote that went something like this. "Half the population spends a lot of time wondering about what the other half of the population finds enjoyable." Think about it, it's true!

Today if I could change one would be Jim's frustration at his inability to go, go, go! He cannot stand being incapacitated in anyway. It is about the only thing that truly gets him down.

I am quoting..."Grandmothers are a lot like mothers...only with a lot more frosting..." BJ's Blog

I am have three other couples over for dinner and Family Home Evening tonight. Each week on Monday night, members of our church throughout the world have family night. Since all of us have grown children we are getting together to share dinner, a Gospel lesson and some relaxing conversation.
It is going to be a simple dinner but I do need to run to the store for a few things this morning.

I am missing...
my friend Michelle that lives in Canada with her hubby and sons.
I hope things are going well for her and the family. I'd really like to talk with her this week sometime.

And I am missing my friend, Caroline's, daughter's wedding this weekend in Utah. I am so sad to miss it but we just can't go this time as it is too close to when we leave next week. Nicki will be a gorgeous bride.

I am hoping...Our friend, Jeff Adams wins a seat on the school board here. Out my office window I see a huge pile of yard signs ready to roll. Jim is working on his campaign and is in charge of sign distribution.

One of my guilty chocolate on chilly fall mornings.

Pet Peeves...a certain husband, who shall remain nameless, that gets up every morning when nature calls and then proceeds to throw open very single window
and door in the entire house (Ala Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music) so that I am freezing. It is like a wind cave in here this morning and where is he? Gone! Can hardly wait for the dueling thermostat issues when winter sets in. But I guess if that is one's only complaint one should grin and bear it, right?

One of my favorite things...
The Farmers' Markets that we have all over the place. I discovered a new one in front of the Century Theatre in Pleasant Hill on Saturday. Worth the drive. That gives us at least three choices on Saturdays along with Tuesdays and Thursdays. Very convenient and they still have fabulous tomatoes.

An enjoyable movie I have watched lately...Must Love Dogs. Cute romantic comedy.

I am curious Hazie will like going to school on a little yellow bus a few times a week? Her individual eduction plan (IEP) will be put
in place after her assessment. She has to be three for that to happen and her birthday is next week.

A few plans for the rest of the week...dinner guests tonight, so clean up and shop and cook, a visit from a friend this morning, buy Letters to Juliette when it is released on DVD tomorrow, continue working on trip plans and gathering things to pack, church work, possible day trip Thursday, Room with a Past Outing on Friday after meeting with friends in the morning, date night, possible temple trip on Saturday morning.

A picture and thought I am sharing with you.

Ross, Spencer, Connor, Piper, Aynslee,
Julia in the middle row.
Zach and Chloe in the front row
and Grampa in the back!

These are moldy oldies....taken in 2006 before Hazie and Owen were born!
This was our last family reunion when everyone was there. It's time, right?

Lowell, Jen, Jim, Me,
Robert, Laura, Chris, Melissa


BECKY said...

Hello Dear Friend,
Sure am glad I got to read your daybook today! You two sure do stay hopping, don't you? I am praying for Jim's hip. My hips have been bothering me a bit. One of these days I'll go have them looked at!!

LOVE the pic of Jim and the Grandies! Precious! And of course the river shot is beautiful!! Lovely family!

Thank you so much for your friendship, Bon. I know you pray for me and that you have prayed for my very precious to me! I love that you want to shop, but please don't feel any pressure to make a purchase. If there was something you saw that you liked and it has been sold, let me know and I will tell you if I can make another. Most of my things will be one-of-a-kind, but some can be made similar.

Love you bunches, gal, and thank God for the gift of YOU!!
Big Toasty (ok...overheated!) Florida hugs!!

Julie Harward said...

Love the family pictures and I had to laugh about your hub opening all the windows and freezing you out! My hub loves to turn on all the lights and rattle around in the kitchen! LOL What would we do without them? (Get some sleep!)

Sister Susie said...

I love this part of your blog. It makes me think!
OUTSIDE: Skies are clear and it's getting darker now much more quickly each day.
THINKING: of lining up my pins for retirement to make a strike sooner than I thought!
THANKFUL FOR: Christian financial advisors, Christian lawyers, the LORD'S leadership to these who hold to His Truths.
LEARNING ROOM: It is a true step of faith to go where you haven't gone before, but even more so, to allow the LORD to do your leading and accepting it no matter what, "All things work to the good for those who love the LORD."
HEARING: the news reporting 10,000 walruses on one beach!
CHANGE: it would be to retire now with no worries about tomorrow!
QUOTING: "Education begins in the home."
GOING: to have to take some medicine for this horrible cold and sore throat!
MISSING: the joys of "yesterday's" teaching.
HOPING: to meet soon with my financial advisor for retirement!
GUILTY PLEASURE: chocolate Ensure!
Don't say yuk! It's good!
PET PEEVES: to not have someone in the night turn on the lights when I'm sleeping!
FAVORITE: to eat out and cook in anymore!
MOVIE: TV SHOW Dancing with the stars!
CURIOUS: this year we have a Kindergartner who is wheelchair bound. I am curious at his abilities to manuever his wheelchair at such great speed with his strong little arms. He can stop it "on a dime." His teacher has to share with him to slow down when he is line leader, due to the others not able to keep up with him!
WEEKLY PLANS: make appointments for my retirement , wait for my recertification to come in the mail, and check out an opening for Kindergarten position in my friend's church's school. Yes, I love teaching, but not with all of the politcal interference!
Blessings to you and yours,

Sister Susie said...
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Marie said...

Love, LOVE your daybook as always Bonnie! It's like sitting down with a close friend for a cuppa and a good natter! You will love "The Help." I did. I couldn't put it down actually. Love the pic of Jim with the grand babies and the one of you all together. You have such a lovely family! Have a great Tuesday! xxoo

bj said...

I really loved reading this, Bonnie. I keep thinking I'll do this daybook thing but always forget.
Your family is just beautiful...and I adore the photo of Grandpa in back of his sweet grands.
hugs, bj

LA Adams said...

Your pictures are fantastic! I'm hoping the same hope you are. I love it cold, he likes it warm - isn't life grand?