Thursday, September 2, 2010

Peeping Tom

These turkeys can fly!

A few days ago I was peacefully working at my computer which is placed diagonally on a corner desk next to a large window that comes down right to the top of the desk. With my peripheral vision I saw this turkey's head pop up and look right in at me. Yikes, a little disconcerting when you are least expecting such a thing. It stretched its neck and peered in for a quick look see. Oh my gosh,...a real peeping tom!

I think I quite started the old boy and he took off galloping up on to the front porch. By the time I gathered my wits and grabbed my camera he had ducked through the split rail on the porch and headed lickity split around the house to the backyard. But I, the faster and hopefully smarter of the two of us...cut him off at the pass and nailed him so you could see what skinny, scrawny, birds the non-hormone injected ones are. No one tries to capture these for their Thanksgiving feast, the phrase "Tough Old Bird" originated here.

Over the years we have seen a lot of wildlife in our yard. It is only recently wild turkeys have been added to the list of coyotes, tortoises, deer of course (aka large, annoying, plant eating gophers), raccoons, possums, rabbits, skunks, pheasants and of course squirrels in droves, a red fox and a bunch of feral cats or moggies as my brilliant friend from Edinburgh calls them. I can never read Margaret's blog without Wiki or Google search a keystroke away!

Anyway...just a little daily drivel from the life of One Designing Woman!

P.S. Speaking of designing...The beautiful white swan in the background of the photo was given to us by our daughter, Jen, another of her fabulous yard sale finds. It is so large it nearly dwarfs our Venus which is down the hill from the swan, but is close to 4 feet tall. So even though I love it in this spot, it needs to be moved to another place because of the scale differential between the two pieces. Scale is important outside as well as inside, especially if your eye can sweep both object at one glance. Just thought you 'd want to know but, on second thought, you probably already do.

But, the statue does give you an idea of how tall this peeping tom turkey is. Bet it would unnerve you just a little...checking you out through your office window from a distance of two feet, when you least expected it. It was the first time I have ever looked a real, live turkey in the eye! Piercing!


Marie said...

Piercing indeed Bonnie!! That must have been so startling! Great capture though with your camera's lens! xxoo

LA Adams said...

Laura and I walking in the morning observed a flock of turkeys's walking through lawns, gardens and OVER the roofs of houses. They had a very direct route that didn't include roads, fences or homes that were in the way. They had toms and hens and it was spectacular!
Of course my camera didn't work (something wrong with the color - had lines through it) but we have one of those mental pictures that will last a long time.