Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What Keeps You Going Back For More?

I have been thinking a lot about blogging lately. What is it that keeps you going back to a blog that you read regularly? Do you like the high power blogs? I think they have their pros and cons. Pros=they are usually good, interesting blogs (but I am not a fan of their advertising), cons=the writer rarely acknowledges your comments and rarely, if ever visits your blog, making it impossible to form a friendship. Do you like admiring from afar? Just curious what you think...? There is something that changes a blog for me when they get so big and go commercial.

There are some blogs I love reading but never comment on because their readership is so huge they lose that personal aspect. Now and again I will comment knowing it probably never even gets read. These blogs are usually niche blogs in an area I am interested in like design or photography or even cooking. As for cooking, I am a lurking person there. I like to see what others are doing. I save recipes that I think I'll try sometime. But beyond virtual cooking I am not a huge fan. So I am always looking for the magic others find in it. I think a person can be a good cook in spite of missing the "passion" of it. I guess I am looking for the passion...so I lurk. So I like blogs that incite passion in something I want to love. I love blogs that make me more thankful, that increase my faith, that help me stay positive.

I like blogs that share something about a person. I love it when people are able to share their weaknesses and struggles as well as their strengths in a way that enlightens and uplifts through lessons learned. I love blogs about families, children, spiritually, travels. I love blogs with lots of pictures and that teach me things. I love blogs that make me laugh, m
ake me think, make me cry. I love blogs that make me a better person. I love to comment on blogs and receive comments on my blog because it makes it interactive. The interactive quality of blogging is what sets it apart from reading a book or magazine or watching movies or TV.

For me what keep me going back is the friendships. It is getting to know you on a personal level. Another thing that keeps me going back is consistency in posting. Another thing I love is great photos and videos that you find beautiful or interesting. But mostly it is just you that keeps me coming back. I like it better than Facebook because it goes a little deeper that small talk at a party. I love all of you that visit and comment, you add so much to my life.

So again, I ask you....what keeps YOU coming back to a favorite blog?


Sister Susie said...

#1. New Friendships that become as though we have always been friends.
#2. Information on styles of doing your own blog by learning from those you read.
#3. The sharing of what's most important in these lives and letting it assist you in you own.
#4. Sharing common enjoyments of life or learning about some I may need to try.
#5. Knowing that we all have struggles and enjoyments in life and how to make the best out of them all!
Blessings to you and yours,

Julie Harward said...

I just love the variety in blogging and people..there is so much to admire and love in so many! :D

Dorothy said...

When my daughter began her blog, she told me about Pioneer Woman and I was totally taken in by her own Black Heels narrative as well as her recipes and her comments that made me laugh out loud.
In the meantime I know of some of the people who make comments on Shaun'a blog. One day I asked her "Who is Bonnie" and she encouraged me to go to your blog.
I began looking forward to reading your blog more than P.W.. After some months I wanted to write and let you know how I enjoyed your blog even though I don't blog. I was overwhelmed by your response to me!
You have a beautiful talent for expressing yourself in words. Perhaps I don't comment as often as I should because I don't have your talent so it is like I am just along for the free ride.
I love your photography as well as all the other fun or cutsie things you add to your blog. You do it all in such a way that looks effortless but I am sure it is far more time consuming and work than we "non-bloggers" can imagine.
Shaun's blog drives me crazy because she doesn't do it on a regular basis; but I go there on a regular basis and groan when it hasn't been updated--again.
It seems to me a blog is akin to a journal and I guess I must like to read other people's journals.
I loved Sister Suzie's comments. She said it all in her 5 comments whereas I ramble on. I do want you to know I enjoy your blog and hope it continues for a long time!

bj said...

Well, sister friend, I go to the blogs that hold interest for me. I like blogs that are REAL..ya know..and the great thing is, most all of my blogging favorites ARE real. They don;t set their table every single night in a beautiful way...they eat out of paper plates and red solo cups often...they are truly kind and sweet and would never say anything to hurt you in any way. Most of them are people just like you and me...love their God and their families..work hard for what they have..and as honest as the day is long. I do believe that.
I am not a cook...could never, ever turn out the beautiful things some of my friends do...and yet, I have found that I LOVE taking photos of food....any food...pb&j sandwiches can make an awesome photo. It's the blogs that I can tell people are having fun with that I tend to love the most. Whew..I got started here and can't stop...
Have a good nights sleep and a beautiful day tomorrow..
And...I love your fairy dust falling,...guess I'll go turn mine back on.:))

Natasha said...

I have been thinking about blogging lately too. It has become such a huge part of my life and now my kids are even blogging as well. I love the fact that it makes the world smaller and nicer!

Best wishes,

PS I found your blog via Julie's blog roll-she is one of my favourite bloggers!

Caroline Craven said...

It is just the friendships that keep me coming back. There are a few I check on (and comment on) on a regular basis. Sometimes I peruse other blog links from my friends' blogs, but mostly just to keep in touch with friends! I love it. Oh, and I love the picture from your last blog with Jim and the grandkids. So cute!

Shelli said...

I mostly just read what people I know and love write. That's what I'm interested in. There are a lot of cool blogs out there, but I only get to them after I've read what my beloveds have to say. :)

LA Adams said...

I'm not sure yet.....I think you said it better than I could......I'm gaining something.......I don't know.......Friendship and interest for some reason or other.......VERY GOOD QUESTION!!!