Friday, September 17, 2010

Laura's Photo Blog

Our daughter, Laura, doesn't have a lot of time for blogging but she does have a wonderful photo blog that I should have featured long ago. She started it in Italy so there are some fun shots there and now she is continuing it in Rhode Island. She tries for a photo of daily life, one for each day. Check it out, it is fun and a quick read.

My Girl!

Hope your day is going well. I am cleaning, changing sheets, dusting vacuuming...what is there to say about that? Jim is working on Jeff Adam's School Board campaign. Just an ordinary day over here! I hope you are doing something fun!


Caroline Craven said...

It's Saturday afternoon. Nicki is married and on her way. I have been busy and haven't checked in on your blog. But I love the autumn too and even Regan mentioned the other day that she is so excited for October, her favorite month. I loved your blog about home schooling. I did that with Regan a couple of years and truly loved having her home and teaching her. My approach and end game were a bit different than Laura's and I'm sure Laura is much better at it than I was, but it did wonders for Regan and for me. I can see how it is a much better option for children IF they have parents that are committed to it. I love having my kids in school out here. The value system of the school generally matches what we try to teach in our home. They have had wonderful teachers and some not-so-wonderful teachers. I have always felt like school and church presented or reinforced ideas, but the main teaching goes on in the home. Many times when our kids have come home from school and as we've talked about ideas they discussed in school or church, we have had to do a bit or corrective teaching, in history, science and a few other subjects. It's not always because the teachers were teaching things we disagreed with, but sometimes it was our children who misunderstood what was being taught. You just can't rely on school or church alone. There has to, needs to and should be parent intervention/discussion. Great blog.

LA Adams said...

Very nice! What a great idea. Don't get bogged down waiting to finish, just a nice brief picture and idea. I like it!!

Julie Harward said...

A good idea! I love your new header..very pretty! :D