Thursday, September 9, 2010

She Said~He Said~Revised

Chloe's front wheel is off the ground,
she can't tip over and
Lowell is doing all the work.

She Said..."Babe, I found the kind of bike I want...(he saunters over to look at the picture) Do they make the back bike for grown-ups? Let's get one for you and me.

He said, "Ah, really? (3 second delay)....OK, I can do it!"

She said, "Just kidding, but now I know you REALLY love me!"

He said...."Huh?" (Deep in thought over it or thinking about something else at that point)

She said....Never mind, Honey we don't need a bike for me...and I really love you!"

He said....OK then! (Big audible sigh from the other room.)

She thought to herself..."That had to be stemming from his huge relief!"

For him to even feign or entertain the thought that he could or would pull me around on his bike was good enough for me. Too funny to visualize or to even think, maybe if he had a pick-up....


Nellie's Cozy place said...

Now there's a great bike, especially if you have lil ones who can't pedal as fast as you, and you are riding for the exercise!!

Smart thinking!!!