Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Go Cal Bears!

The Campanile~Sather Tower
UC Berkeley

Today we did a quick little get away since we have missed the last two weeks due to Jim muscle injury. Our first stop was the oldest diner in our town. We go to the Sugar Plum about once a decade maybe. Well, today was the day. I had forgotten how old school it is. They don't even take credit cards but the food is delicious. They have normal sized plates instead of the platters you get at newer restaurants. That part was refreshing. We had breakfast which is something we rarely do unless we are traveling away from home, but we had gotten a later than usual start this morning.

The Quintessential Diner... if ever there was one!
Pretty much sums up a couple
of the experiences of the day
Yep, we're there!

The Sather Gate leading into the main campus.
Jim standing there on the right of the arch
in the gray jacket and jeans. (So Berkeley!)

What this post is really about is Jim anywhere near a clothing rack to buy clothes. He pretty much never does this but he wanted a Cal shirt since we are visiting Harvard and Yale at the very least in the East. Don't know how this will go over in the Stanford household we are visiting...the arch enemy of Cal...in football anyway. Jim attended Cal while updating his teaching credential for a semester so considers himself an alum...and rightfully so!

It is a pretty campus

The Infamous Sproul Hall from
the Free Speech Movement Days.

The busy students going to and fro.

Had a funny experience of looking at a girl in her early 20's looking at us with a smile as she walked past us. I know exactly what she was thinking...{{look at that cute old couple...aren't they sweet walking hand in hand like that!}} I know what she was thinking because I have done it so many times myself when I see an older couple going by hand in hand. LOL!

Instead of going home the usual freeway route we decided to bypass the tunnel and go up and over the mountain. This part was towards the bottom of the hill and lovely but the upper part of Skyline Road was very curvy. I do not favor that type of cliff hanger driving and when we came to a junction where one of the options was Snake Drive I gave Jim "the look" and he passed it right by. Gotta love that guy!

Fall is in the air!
It was a great little trip to get a shirt.
I'll go wherever he takes me for that!


{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Hey Sweet Bon...

Oh my gooooodness... I SO laughed out loud about "the old couple holding hands".... Isn't that the TRUTH! No, I didn't mean you.. Just that I've said the same thing and it always makes me smile too..... So in love after alllllll of those years.

What a lovely campus.... And, yummy breakfast too!


LA Adams said...

I used to laugh at old lady shoes, now I know why they wore them as I slipk my on this morning. What a wonderful drive in the autum leaves! I'll have to get the route from you sometime. I've always gone the freeway and didn't even know you could go over the mountain!