Sunday, September 12, 2010

School Daze!

Old School House

It is hard to imagine that all of our grandkids are school kids now except Hazie and she is starting in just a few weeks. It is fun to have a lot of them at the same school. When Hazie starts there will be seven of them on the same campus. It is such a joy to have so many of them getting to spend lots of time together. Just does a Gramma's heart good. Here are the first day of school pics for most of them.

Spencer and Ross
Spencer 6th grade, Ross 3rd grade

The boys are being home schooled this year in Rhode Island. It seems like a wonderful choice since they will only be living there one year. They have a uniform they wear during school hours. Personally, I think that is brilliant on Laura's part, it really separates school from home and play time. It also gets them up and ready for school without having to think about what to wear and it cuts down on laundry. What's not to love?

Owen 3, going to school for the first time.
He is loving Preschool!

Chloe begins Kindergarten!

Zachary is a 1st Grader!

Aynslee is a 2nd Grader.
She missed the cut off date for birthdays
so is one of the
older kids in her class,
turning 8 next week.

Julia is a fifth grader

Connor is a Fifth grader also
but is
nine months older than Julia.
He too missed the cutoff with
a December birthday.

Piper is a 6th grader this year!

Good luck kids, learn a lot, be good and have fun!


LA Adams said...

Adorable!! They seem to be getting bigger - where did all the babies go?

Caroline Craven said...

Such cute pictures. I kept Kenna and Trevor back a year (both September birthdays)and I have not had one single regret about that. I love that they are the older kids in their class. Aynslee and Connor will love it too!

Marie said...

Such adorable grandchildren Bonnie! You are soooo blessed! You know that though, so I am not telling you anything new! Loved all the back to school photos!

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Miss Bon Bon,
Good to hear from you this morning as always!! Bet you are getting very excited about your trip. That is gonna be fabulous especially this time of year. When we went to get Scott I thought Vermont and New Hampshire were just amazing and there weren't any pretty changing trees yet, so can only imagine how gorgeous it will be now. Make sure and keep that camera clicking.
Know you can't wait to see your kids and grandies.
All these pics of your grandies in utah are just sooo cute!!
Enjoyed them all very much.
Will pray for Jim, sure hope he gets to feeling better soon. It is no fun waiting this stuff out at times especially when you want to be doing something. Sometimes the Lord just slows us down a bit!!
You have a great day and glad Laura was able to help you with your plans, and know she must be so excited yall are coming soon.
Take care and have a super day,
Blessings Galore, Nellie