Saturday, September 4, 2010

Mystery Day Trippin' Part 2

Descending down the mountain, within about 10 minutes we were smack dab in the middle of the beautiful town of Berkeley, home of UC Berkeley, The Free Speech movement, etc. This clock tower called the Campanile is one of the landmarks on the campus. Jim was a student here back in the day when he was working on updating his Teaching Credential.

UC Berkeley

Jim was already wondering where our GPS that we call "Susan" was taking us. We meandered through the gorgeous neighborhoods near the campus. This is a place we have both loved since we were seniors in high school, cutting school every now and then, to feel the college scene and pretend we were a part of it. Yep, it's true we did it! And yes, we did get caught...but that is another story for another day! (And a perfect way to see if our kids ever do read this blog!) LOL!

Leaving Berkeley we headed south but not before passing the world class Clairmont Hotel. Our class had our Senior Banquet here back in the day. Now it boasts not only of their lovely, luxurious accommodations and cuisine, but also of their famous Day Spa.

Our third destination of the day...what to us is the Crown Jewel of the Oakland Hills, The Oakland Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This is where Jim works in Monday mornings.

We brought a light picnic lunch and took it up to the upper tier of the Temple which overlooks the Bay and gave us this stunning view on Thursday. Again, it was very quiet and peaceful and we were the only ones up there. It is all about timing when it comes to avoiding the crowds.

Jim took this photo from the upper tier
of the Temple.
It is not a view
one sees photographed often,
but I thought it was so pretty.

The water features and fountains and the
gardens are all so impeccably maintained.

After lunch we went to the Visitors' Center on Temple Hill. One thing we have been wanting to do is to go in and watch the movie about the life of the Prophet Joseph Smith on the big screen. It is 70 minutes long and very touching. We had seen it a few years ago and just loved it. We were not disappointed in this time at all. It was inspiring, relaxing, and a cool place to be on this very hot afternoon. It is good to be reminded of the sacrifices that have been made in the building of the kingdom.

In the foyer of the Visitors' Center is this
beautiful statue
of the Savior entitled
" The Christus"
in a large rotunda with a high domed ceiling
and surrounded by large windows.
Being so much larger than life-size, it evokes
a true feeling of reverence as you enter.

His Hand

The Visitors' Center is also featuring
a traveling
Fine Art Photography Exhibit
by Mark Mabry right now.

Here are a couple of his works
from his collection,

"Reflections on the Life of Christ"

It was hard to tell these photos
were not paintings.

They are just so very impressive.
If you live in the area you should
go and see them.

Well, knowing the guy who called me a Bench Barnacle, I knew it was about time for his afternoon nap! So I planned a little rest stop at Orchard Nursery in Lafayette, after we left Oakland. That way he could practice being a "Relining Car Seat Embellishment" and I could do some browsing in the nursery and gift shop. I come here several times a year, especially around Autumn and Christmas time, so this is not the first time Jim has napped here! Barnacle or Embellishment always kicks as interests wax and wane with perfect timing. Funny how that happens!

Oh, it was so fun to be here and so beautiful.
We were only here about 30 minute
and I'll have
you know that
nothing of mine grazed a bench!

While he sawed zzz's under a shady tree.

Gorgeous...tell me it isn't so!
I love to visit nurseries and just see
how they are designed.
Orchard is the best in the area!

The Lazy K Gift Shop had some
Halloween goodies on display.
I only like the pumpkins at Halloween
and the fun for the little ones.

Count me out on the Spooky Goblins
and Witches,

Skeletons, Headstones, Spiders, etc.
They can RIP in my opinion!

Most of their fall collection is still coming!
Which being interpreted = I'll be back!

These looked pretty harmless!

Just scrumptious!

Look what I found in one of the big ponds.
It was about the size of an oval place mat!

The coy were over a foot long and so colorful!

The pond had this fun little water feature.
I love how the bubbles around
the edge of the water spout look like lace.
Just the sound of it cut the pain
of the heat considerably.

Oh my goodness, how I do love hydrangeas
on a rustic little wagon!

Just down the road I selected this place for dinner.
I had been here once but Jim had never been and
I knew he would love it. He did!

We were gone all day long from 7:45 am until 5:30 pm. I felt it was a successful get away and Jim was very happy about all the things we did too. He says he is planning our next one. I guess at this juncture I should remind him that I don't do white water rafting and that where ever we go there has to be lots of benches.

But then one of the perks of a
42 year-old marriage is...
He already knows it!


Sister Susie said...

There is so much beauty in this world! I loved your pictures of the turtle and coy! The buildings of man are so awesome! Can you imagine what the architech Christ said He was going to prepare for us! Mind has not seen, nor has it entered the heart of man what God has planned for those who await His coming for us! A beauty beyond our concept of undertanding!
Thanks, Bonnie for sharing you pictures!
Blessings toyou and yours, Susie.

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Bonnie,
and Hi Bench napping Jim, lol
looks like yall had a wonderful day.
lots of neat sights to take in,
your church is beautiful and the grounds are so pretty and pristine.
Glad you were able to get a lil shopping in too. Did you get anything cute?? I only like the fallish stuff too, I am not into all the Halloween drivel!! lol
Loved all your pics, they all came out so nicely. The lil turtle was so cute.
well, have a wonderful Sunday,
I am off to bed soon, Scott and Megan are coming over for lunch tomorrow after church, so we are
looking forward to that.
love ya girlie, Nellie

Julie Harward said...

What a fun fun day! I loved the site and the views from the beautiful! I love short trips like this, they are the most fun! :D

Marie said...

Fantastic end to your day out Bonnie. I loved seeing the Oakland Temple. I love the Joseph Smith film. I never tire of seeing it. It always touches my heart in a special way. Love the gift shop as well. You sure packed a lot of fun into one day. I can't wait to see where Jim takes you next week! xxoo

margaret said...

You always post the loveliest, most evocative pictures.

And I love the New York garlic/subway quote!

LA Adams said...

Very Beautiful! My son just planted flowers in my front yard and built a little retaining wall for them. Gardens are great, just hope I don't kill it too soon!