Friday, November 19, 2010

Cali Snow Show

The path to the Man Shed on this dark gray day.

The canopy that hugs our roof right now~coziness!

Photos by Jim-Bobblehead this morning!
Origin of Jim's new nickname link

Looking down on the family room
from the upper part of the yard.

It has been snowing leaves around here.
Our kind of snow for sure!

And today I am thankful for all our blessings!
It is a beautiful fall day but...

Inside the house...
it is beginning to look a

lot like Christmas!

Can you see the cute little
partridge in my pear tree?

My friend, Sydne, who is a floral designer made it for me! She is another of my friends that has moved about a hundred miles away...She oozes talent from every pore! She is having her annual
boutique in Folsom (Of Johnny Cash fame, the town not the prison!) this year. I am not getting a thing (in case Jim reads this) but I really want to see her! A friend of mine is in the boutique so it might just become a reality! Woohoo!


Marie said...

Thanks for the links you sent me the other day Bonnie. I printed them out and they are in my bedside table to that I can refer to them frequently. Very helpful and inspiring. Love these autumn pictures of the trees around your home. How very beautiful. You are a very blessed woman! xxoo (Expect you know that already!)

mandy* said...

I love your house. I miss your house. And I'm jealous that you already have Christmas decor up. It was my goal to have mine done before we leave for Thanksgiving. However, I haven't even gotten the boxes out of storage. :o(