Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Simple Woman's Daybook~November 16, 2010

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So, For Today...Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Outside my window...I am seeing the dappled sunlight on the greenery and driveway and on Clifford The Big Red Dog (our old red van) that is sitting in the driveway and blocking my lovely view. It is full of tools, so Jim needs to put them away this afternoon and move the van down to its usual parking space. That van reminds me of so many design jobs we have done and hauled all kinds of stuff all over creation, including people on lots of fun outings. It is old now, but still serves a purpose so I guess we will be a three car family a bit longer. I guess it is Jim's truck really. How easily the mind wanders...

But back to out the window...So it is one of those great fall days when the sky is bright blue with a few fluffy clouds and it is just warm enough. I love days like this.

I am thinking...I am knee deep in Christmas boxes right now. Jim got them down this morning. Love/Hate with all of that. I love doing it but hate the mess and figuring out where to put the stuff I am taking down to replace them with jolly things. And even worse, remembering where they were originally, come January!

Our house has minimal storage and I can hardly wait until we break ground on Jim's new garage and workshop. Yippee. Most likely that will not be until spring but, maybe this will be the last year of Jim having to crawl around in the attic to get stuff down.

I am thankful for...a husband who bites his tongue nearly off while unloading all the boxes but doesn't complain, at least not to me! Not one word...he is better than me!

From the learning room..I may be winding down on buying Christmas stuff...it is an illness but I am trying to get over it. Enough is enough! But I keep falling in love..how crazy is this really? Don't answer!

I am reading... The Book Thief but I am missing my nightly time with The Help. I was sad that book had a last page. So good.

I am wondering..How much stuff I will get unpacked tonight while Jim is at church doing his Young Men's Service project. They are going to do "Rake and Run' in the dark. Isn't that funny? The boys and Jim will go to different church members' homes and rake their leaves and then run to the next house. God bless 'em is all I can say!

I am hearing...The Prayer with Josh Groban and Celine Dion. Oh my!

Today if I could change one thing...it would be that Jim's cousin, Judy had not been diagnosed with breast cancer last week and that she was not having a radical mastectomy today. Bless her heart and her health. We are praying that they got all the cancer and she will fully recover after her treatments. She just became a Gramma in August. Please say a little prayer for Judy with us!

I am quoting..."The ornaments of a house are the friends who frequent it." Ralph Waldo Emerson How about you all come over and frequent my house and help me with the ornaments?

I am going...to just set a steady pace and not get too freaked out by all the work I have to do in the next couple of weeks. I don't do stress well so I avoid it at all costs but sometimes, it just sneaks right up in your face. So breathe, that is what I am going to do. In for four, out for four. Repeat!

I am missing...my friend, Michelle and the talks we use to have together. She would give me these wonderful pedicures and we would just talk and talk and laugh and solve all the problems of the world in a couple of hours. I think of her so often and pray for her family and the challenges of their life in Canada right now. It is getting darker and colder daily and Michelle loves the great outdoors and lots of sunlight.

One of my guilty pleasures....I'd have to say Christmas decorations while looking around my house today.

Pet Peeves...Same as the answer just above this one.

One of my favorite things...
Same as the answer to my guilty pleasures.

An enjoyable movie I have watched lately...Fly Boys...excellent. How come I am seeing James Franco in so many movies lately. Sure a cute guy and good actor. One of them is Eat Pray Love and next Tuesday we will be seeing it for sale on DVD...I'm there!

I am curious about...
some things I can do for a family in need this Christmas season.

A few plans for the rest of the week..do the deed on this house, shopping for Thanksgiving dinner, Scouting for Food for Jim on Saturday so that will take his whole day. Date night, maybe seeing the new Harry Potter movie if that is what Jim wants to do or staying home and re-watching Fly Boys so he can see it and eat popcorn. I am voting for #2. On Monday we are going to spend the night in Sacramento and go to see a musical called Forgotten Carols. Have wanted to see it for many years so...exciting. Then it is come home late Tuesday and on with the Thanksgiving preparations.

Here is a photo and thought I am sharing with you....

This part is done, I left him up all year in my kitchen.

I do love Christmas and even though it is not quite Thanksgiving. I am getting a good start since we will not be home for Christmas. I want to enjoy it through the whole month that we will be here, before we head for a white Christmas with most of our family!


Julie Harward said...

I hear you...I think this is the year I downsize too...I am going to give away much of my Christmas decorations...I don't like having this much! ;D

Caroline Craven said...

Catching up - I feel your pain about the boxes of Christmas decos that must go up and fall decos that must come down, not looking forward to it. I'm sorry to hear about Jim's cousin. Does anyone die of old age anymore? I'm not suggesting she will, it just seems like everyone has or is getting cancer. Maybe I'm just noticing it more because of mom.

Your Vermont post was fun. I loved the circle of leaves. For some odd reason I do know it takes 40 gallons of sap to make one gallon of syrup and I also know they collect the sap in cold weather. I know tons of useless information, but I'm never quite sure how to help Trevor with his math!

And, your post about your mom was sweet. Seven years is a long time to be without your mom. Some moments are just really, really hard and I miss my mom so much. I can't imagine this going on for seven years. Most of the time I do okay, but there are just those moments when I'd give just about anything to have a short 5 minute conversation with my mom and I'm not talking about the one sided ones. It makes me grateful for the eternities ahead when this time apart will seem so insignificant.

CA Poppy said...

Thanks Bonnie.